SOSIALIST eller SOSIOPAT? - Bjørnar Moxnes om kokain + sparke egen sjef (Rødt)
Since no points are deleted in Westphalia after the main round, the fight at the top is already electrifying. The top teams of the league gained all their games at the weekend, the FC Gütersloh was not possible from the simple reason, as his game was out of the TSG Sprockhövel based on Corona.

In the game last against the first, the favorite 1st FC Kaan-Marienborn kept the upper hand. With an early sled header by Kyere, the “Käner” were good in the game. A little later, Pazurek moved from almost 20 meters and the ball was in it (15th). Elf minutes later, Pazurek came back in a good shot position, but preferred Kyere, which increased to 2: 0. Pazurek remained a fixed point in the game of the guests, in the 31st minute he anticipated Waldrich’s route and served him with a free-kick issue model, 3: 0. Almost in return Kaan-Marienborn, however, noticed that it did not go against the bottom of the table without full concentration: Links could play through Herne undisturbed, Curaba met. But the greater quality then sat down on track, Pazurek scored the 4: 1, Curaba once again for Herne (75.), marriage Pazurek in minute 85 in a Scheld corner the fastest shifted and for the 5: 2 final score made.

Paderborn sovereign

Sovereigns, the SC Paderborn 07 II completed his home task against TuS Ennepetal. However, it took up to the 70th minute until Tugbenyo achieved the 1-0 with a spacer shot. A durable ball for guest goalkeeper weusthoff. In the 83rd minute was nothing to do for wheusthoff when El-Faouzi appeared in front of him and in a detachment. Ennepetals Brauer looked red at red because of a beam from behind.

Clearly and clearly, the SG Wattenscheid 09 meanwhile carried out at the TuS Erndtebrück. The former Bundesliga club won Gates of Esser (29.), twice Casalino (67./72.) And Yesilova (83.) with 4: 0. For SV Westfalia Rhyners, Doppelpacker Sezer (40./59.) The game against the SG Finnentrop-Bamenohl, during the ASC Dortmund a 5: 1-edge victory in Holzwickede succeeded. Five different scorers – one of them geek by owners – witnesses from the balance of the Dortmund.

When racing around the stroke, which separates in future participants in the rise and offsetting round, the SPVGG Vreden is currently first pursuer. Kouyate decided against the Hammer SPVG with his hit in the 71th minute. The table-tenth sports lovers win (on the weekend to play free) but is still five points away, and from behind could still pass the TSG Sprockhövel, which has two games more in the hindquarters.

In eight, the FC Eintracht Rheine has improved and extended on Sunday the sporting suffering of the TuS holders. Haltern led through two Ibraim hits (2nd/29.) 1: 0 and 2: 1, but by Kerellaj penalty (62nd) and Meyer (71.), the FC bought Eintracht, in the paint man in the 8th. Minute achieved the interim equalization, but still the threesome on the account. Haltern has lost nine past ten games.