The cooperation between Dimitrios Grammozis and the football second division FC Schalke 04 was finished, but the contractor’s contract is not dissolved. Thus, the 43-year-old could still be one of the profiteers of the dismissal, it says in a media report.

The FC Schalke 04 has released Dimitrios Grammozis after the 3-4 defeat in the home game against Hansa Rostock with immediate effect from his duties as head coach. His assistants Sven Piepenbrock and Torwarttrainer Wil Coort were also released from their duties.

Grammozis’ work paper has not been dissolved yet. As long as he is still on the payroll of the area club according to “released Dimitrios1”. Further details on the further procedure initially named Royal Blue.

Grammozis, the Schalke 04 in the past year in the midst of probably the greatest crisis of club history and instructed the reconstruction in the 2nd Bundesliga significantly, the skill of his successor Mike Büsken should continue to keep an eye on the eye. According to “released Dimitrios1”, a clause is anchored in Grammozis’ contract, after which the contract automatically extends into the Bundesliga in the event of ascension.

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Grammozis obviously waves salary leap

Not enough: Should his former assistant Mike Büsken actually reach the seasonal goal and Schalke 04 back to the Bundesliga Hieven, beckons to the TV channel even a salary jump. Instead of around 500,000 euros annual salary, Grammozis would earn as much after the Schalke ascent about three times, ie just under 1.5 million euros.

If Schalke 04 wants to miss the ascent, the contract ends with immediate effect.

An ascent to the Oberhaus becomes according to the recent patries against Hansa Rostock (3: 4) or Karlsruhe (1: 1), however, anything but a slight undertaking. At nine missing games, S04 is located with six points behind a direct rise spot only in rank six.