Yoon Suk-yeon candidate was elected in the 20th presidential election on the 9th. The second-sized candidate of Lee Jae Myung, a two-down candidate, is 0,8% p and 247,000. For the presidential election, Yoon Suk-yeol, “If you prepare a new government in the status of the status, you will respect the constitutional spirit, respect the constitutional spirit, respect the council,

The 20th presidential election was higher in the game than in any time. In the past, it was mentioned as part of the IT or content policy, but this year, a number of faithful candidates has been aimed at a gamer and game industry. This was the same as Yun Defense, and the Policy Headquarters has provided a game special committee that will take advantage of the Ha Tae Kyung, a special committee for the chairperson,

** Labor regulation, such as 52 hours of work,

However, until the announcement of the game commitment, the related controversy and suspicion were not less. The biggest part is the biggest part of the “week 120-hour” remarks, which is the main part of the week, which was originally considered to be a majority, At that time, Yoon, Joon-jung said on July 19, a daily economic interview, I needed a working time consultation to young people who worked at the startup,

On the other hand, the Yun-jung, who was a junior-sung, mentioned the case in the field. However, one of the major commitments that he mentioned in relation to SMEs and venture companies is to improve flexibility by improving 52 hours of working skills. More specifically, it increases the period of settlement of work time in the optional working time, one of the flexible workers. In addition, Yoon, a jungin, did not send a policy to the IT Labor Policy for the IT Labor Union IT Commission, which is a member of the Major Game Union, such as Nexon, Smile Gate, and Webzen.

As long as the Yun-ji, who has been aimed at labor productivity and aimed at labor productivity and aimed at working with SMEs, it is possible to vary in a direction to flexibly utilize working hours in corporate positions. If so, the workers’ rights, relaxation time, and the payment of the wage for additional working hours, will be the right to manage and supervise a complementary book that can manage and supervise.

Switch to probability item probability

In January of this year, Yoon, who was a junior, was in the game policy. The new Dismissal, who was eliminated by the newcomer of the game, and the newcomer, who had evaluated a 1% collection method, and the end of the game is approved by the adorable to be in the event of a probability item probability and the game disease code in one interview. It was caught.

On the other hand, the Yun Sun-sun will explain that the interview does not receive a candidate agreement, and it is said that the game is not a disease, and the game is never a disease.

On January 12th, announced the game related commitment, and the contents are generally faster. As described above, we said that they will establish a vaginal proportional profile information with the release of probability items. This is the “probability manipulation National Words” and the ark of the “Probabilized Operating National Surveillance Act” in March last year. However, for the punishment of the game of the game for the publication of the wrong information, “I think that it will help consumers in the rights,” he did not reveal clear position.

E-sports area Ointment agent and P2E game remaining for games

Yoon Seok-yeol wins South Korea's presidential election

The main commitments mentioned above are the introduction of E-sports area. Like professional baseball, E-Sports Stadium is established by region, making the game academy in each area to make it easy for men and women to enjoy the game easily. However, unlike traditional sports, there is a great influence on the competition, which is a majority in the competition. I need to provide a complement to how I answered, “I will be complemented”. In addition, Yoon, a junior, has shown that he visits 2022 LCK and actively appeal to 2030 with the power of 2022 LCK.

In addition, there is also an establishment of a dedicated investigation institution, establishing a dedicated investigation institution, strengthening game access to disabilities, and the entire use game (games that can be enjoyed by all ages) and have released their own certification and parent consent certification duty. Finally, NFT, P2E game, which has been embedded in the domestic game industry, has kept prudent positions for domestic accepting. The presidential candidate conviction was included in P2E, but it was excluded from the final chain. In addition, the Semi said, “In a query response on the candidate game commitment announcement,” the game user, consumer rights protection is the first to protect the protection of consumer rights, “he maintained.

However, Yun Jeong, has maintained a positive position in regulatory mitigation and regulatory sandboxes for corporate growth (new products, regulating or deferential regulations for new products, services). In addition, he applied a non-taxable tax to 50 million won for a passive asset associated with P2E, applying a non-taxable tax and to assume a virtual asset system. Domestic ICO (Virtual Call Publication) Allowed, NFT Activation of New Concepts Digital Asset Market, Digital Assets Infrastructure (other than forbidden by law). If the virtual asset related system is organized, the P2E game policy seems to be a new direction.

Civilian leads and governments support digital policies

Finally, IT and Digital Conversion Policy bodies are that the private sector leads the industry, and the government supports it. It is a position to create a foundation that can solve the problem with autonomous regulations rather than regulations on online platform companies that have been in an online platform company last year. In addition, it is a strategy to expand tax support to companies investing in digital conversion, and benign 1 million digital talents to supply the workforce necessary for industry.

As I talked about, I plan to improve labor regulations, and plan to expand the size of the funds for venture investments. In particular, it is said that it is a typical content that creates high value for high value for the game industry, so that it will expand overseas demand and support local market entry wall resolution.

The part to be seen here is a Chinese pane issue. There is no direct opinion on the Yun-jung, Yeung Sun, which is a junior election, but overall, he has been to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Japan, and has maintained a tough attitude toward China and North Korea. In particular, for China, I predicted that the additional placement of the ThaAD (THAAD) was revealed with the defense commitment and to set up a confrontation. In addition, the power of the people has also maintained a critical attitude to the Chinese government that does not give the Korean game to the Korean game. It is the key to the right to solve the problem of the remaining pane issue with a highly export problem.