China’s Developer ThinkingStars plans to be released on March 17 “ Ano: Mutation Nem (Anno: Mutationem ‘Corresponding Vehicle Visual Voice.

This game is a single-play work that develops with a graphic that interwoves 2D and 3D on the stage of the Cyberpunk world.

The player will do various requests in a large city where large companies and dangerous organizations are unanno.

This time, in the 9 languages ​​corresponding to this work, Japanese, English and Chinese speech and subtitles were shown in a short time.

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With regard to English speech, An American Voice Actor Suzie Yeung (“Final Fantasy VII Remake” English Voice Edition Yufei, a partner hacker, Ayane role, Lizzie Freeman (“Kawagami” English Voice Edition Enche / Teucell ) That’s said.

“Ano: mutationem”, which can be enjoyed with Japanese speech, plan for PS5 / PS4 / PC (STeam) and scheduled to be released on March 17th.

Currently, the Standard version of the game main story is 2,860 yen, and in addition to the main part, the digital collection version and the digital collection version containing the in-game item soundtrack are accepted for 3,960 yen. The PS4 version also supports free upgrades to the PS5 version.