Google plans a big changeover. When logging in, more effort is required.

Dortmund – who logs in via third-party apps into his Google account, must soon be put on a big change, as * reports. Because that will not be possible in certain cases. Google justifies this on his support page with better protection for the account.

How to Change Your Default Google Account (2022)

Google sets MEGA change: new security level is required for users

Affected are all apps in which it is sufficient to enter their e-mail address and password to log in to their own Google account. Instead, the two-factor authentication (2fa) is introduced here on Google mandatory *.

All third-party apps or devices, which can be logged out without 2FA on Google, will no longer be supported from May 30, 2022. A two-factor authentication is an additional security measure. If this feature is activated, another security component is added to a login next to the password, such as a PIN code (more Digital News * at Google).

Google: Change to the account has consequences for Apple users

On the Google Support page is also an indication for users of Apple devices. Thus, it says: “Users who have no longer only logged in with the username and password in their Google account lately can only perform new login attempts with the Google account from February 28, 2022. Existing users can register with their username and password in your Google account until 30 May 2022. “

Google is always developing, as well as the mobile market. A well-known provider will soon disappear from the picture area . Again, customers must be made to changes. The new update of the Covpass app, in turn, brings a change with it , to which millions of users have been waiting for a long time. * ist WieGoogle Part of the editorial network of

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