Mike Büskens wird Cheftrainer vom FC Schalke 04
The FC Schalke 04 has reacted with the discharge of Dimitrios Grammozis to the disappointing results of the past weeks. Interim Coach Mike Büskens takes over the royal blue to the end of the season. Peter Neururer sees the coach change critical in his ex-club.

Around a year was Dimitrios Grammozis at FC Schalke 04 on the side line. Sustainable success did not bring the 43-year-old to the crashed traditional club. As a panels, the second division threatens to miss the return to the football Bundesliga this season.

In the coming weeks, under Interim Trainer Mike Büskens is still the turning to make the turn – as far as the Schalker wish is desired. However, Peter Neururer can not understand the decision of his former employer and threw the scarce “actionism”.

“A new impulse is certainly not given. The fact that the coach was allowed to leave is right, the time is certainly not the right one,” Neururer criticized the FC Schalke 04 at “Mike1”.

FC Schalke 04 according to Peter Neururer “In Not”

The new coach now has “hardly anywhere else to bring new Esprit into the team. The question is whether Mike Büsken, who has already worked with Grammozis, can still set new impetus. Whether this is the right solution, that’s the right solution Then in retrospect, “says neururer.

When asked if Büskens was just a emergency solution, the 66-year-old answered: “It is certainly an emergency solution, because Schalke is in need. Schalke 04 must now be definitely to reach the target ascension. The trainer is assessed had been. Whether rightly or not rightly, I’ll leave that out. “

Neururer himself had looked after FC Schalke 04 from April 1989 to November 1990 as Chef coach.