Almost nine years, the last numeric part is one of the most successful racing game series. Not only that, with Gran Turismo 6, the last part appeared on the PlayStation 3.

2017 published developer Polyphony Digital with Gran Turismo Sport a title for the PlayStation 4, which shook all classic aspects of the series and focused consistently on competitive online racing. The ancient rabbits trulpt so much that a compact career was supplied in an update. For this, the sports part became a serious competition platform for high quality racing escort.

Gran Turismo 7 is today, March 4,2022, on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for € 79.99, or 69.99 € appeared. It should not make less than the whole GT family happy. Both the old car collection bunnies, as well as new sports enthusiasts. Can this succeed?

Clear line to get started

Gran Tursimo 7 is packed with 400 cars, over 90 tracks, infinite a lot of content and different modes. From pure number view a lightweight to lose the overview. The racing game prevents sheer overburdition but due to initial limitation.

Until every angle is released on the overview map, it takes good and like eight hours and more. This also means: Online races are available only after three to four hours. For this purpose, GT7 makes the entry easily: News always comes bare way, but clearly and understandably explained.

The entire world in Gran Tursimo 7 opens up after a few hours of playtime. Polyphony digital

If you have never played a part before, you will quickly feel well picked up. But also autos collectors of the first hour are taken on the hand. The focus is on the love of automobile.

Already at the beginning there is a new mode in the game with the music rally. Here Sunday drivers are allowed to turn to music for the course until the time has expired. Classic arcade checkpoints extend the Sunday trip.

Later, with racing scenarios, multiplayer modes, photomodus, various car dealerships, tuning workshop and styling loading, many possibilities on the World Map added.

Which is your next?

The pivot point forms a café in Gran Turismo 7. Here there are central tasks to do and thus a guide through the new World Tour. In most cases, collections from three cars can be collected, which can be played in certain races. Other tasks turn on new areas, such as scenarios, online modes or other car dealerships that go to visit.

The Starter Pokémon in Gran Turismo 7 AKA Your First Car: Mazda Demio, Toyota Aqua, Honda Fit. Polyphony digital

So the whole extent opens up leisurely, but by dialogues and camera rides quite charmingly staged. During the playing time, a journey through the automotive history turns out. Special features of classic to modern model series and types, as well as route particularities are also highlighted and presented by fictional characters.

By free cars can be released, an instinctive purchase rush for the time being the bar advanced. Good, because the money is close to the beginning. It develops a pokemon-like collectible log.

Once everything is unlocked, there are a variety of ways to let go of the collected favorites on the racetrack. Prerequisite for many races are the classic racing licenses known from the previous parts.

Through ten exams with special topics, not only the basic knowledge of racing can be learned, but also the confidence for the latest driving experience is strengthened.

For sheer driving pleasure

Through diverse setting options, both Sunday drivers, as well as racing cracks can celebrate immediate successes. From arcadiger rail guidance to the driving aids free purism everything is possible.

The dualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 gives important information from the route savings and the balance of the vehicle. The driving distance of Gran Tursimo 7 is also without a steering wheel via the controller a haptic splendor.

Gran Turismo makes holiday superfluous. Memorial photos are possible in 2500 scenery in the world. Polyphony digital

Dynamic weather change and day / night cycles make even brief races appear unpredictable. GT7 drivers must constantly adapt their driving style to changing circumstances.

Through changing lighting conditions, both with dazzling sun, as well as with a small point of view. Rain does not only make the conditions on the track, rewetted water of the front man leads to the blind flight.

Gran Turismo 7 - GT CAFE with Five Automotive Experts | PS5, PS4
A great unusual feature are marking points on the edge of the trail, which indicate ideal curve indent and vertices. They replace the so popular 3D ideal line and promote a real view of the route. For the view of a race driver always lands where he is going, not where he is. Marking points are thus optimal helpers for a liquid driving style.

The authentic image of race sport also fits the Ki. The artificial counterparties on the route react even to aggressive driving. No infamous pearl necklaces, no stupid ramming. It is always the racing well-known fair vehicle width can be seen.

High Noon was yesterday. In GT7 there is the duel for dusk. Polyphony digital

Fair driving is also rewarded in online mode “Sport”. Both one’s own skills, as well as the behavior on the route are evaluated. Who provokes collisions, are deducted to date. Only those who operate fair racing can expect a rise in the league system. For everyone else, the casual multiplayer remains on the couch, both online, as well as in the splet screen.


Polyphony Digital is actually back to the roots with Gran Tursimo 7. The focus on licenses, tuning and cars collect should have fell GT veterans. With the diverse possibilities of single races, championships, licenses and scenarios, long-term fun after approximately eight hours of playing time seems to be guaranteed for the time being.

If you play Gran Turismo Sport, you can agree on online races on the Wold Map and measure yourself in sport mode with others in leagues, single races and time trials. In addition, the latest part is just on the Playstation 5 in 4k with Ray Tracing a feast for the eyes.

Who is active in photomodus, will hardly be able to distinguish shot images from reality. Also on the track both the vehicles, as well as the surrounding area together with their game from light and shadow absolutely authentic.

The driving feeling should pick up beginners such as racing specialists. There are incredibly many background information on cars and manufacturers. Here is an interactive automotive museum. A paradise for car security.

Almost nine years waiting for a full part have been worth it. With an almost perfect spagat, Gran Turismo 7 seems to be difficult to displace from the racing-game throne this year.