With the release Queen Witch Expansion in Fate 2 Bungie has released emptiness 3.0 on players. One of the new aspects of this is volatility of emptiness . However, how this ability works and how to use it is not entirely clear.

Damage Testing ALL Void Weapons (Volatile Flow) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Void Volatility – Debuff Applies to enemies, like Suppression or Weakening . Bungie describes it like this: “The goal will explode as a result of the detonation of emptiness upon receipt of an additional damage. If the goal is dying before the volatile will receive enough damage for detonation, the detonation will still happen. “

Each class has different ways of application Volatility of emptiness . Warlocks can apply it using a hand-to-hand attack Pocket Singularity. Titans can apply it with the guard shield and aspect of the controlled demolition. Hunters use this ability with the help of its supervoloche of the Mebius.

In addition, the mod called the unstable flow allows players to access unstable rounds after selecting a well elemental well. Finally, a fragment for each class is called echo instability activated after murdering with grenades, and then gives explosive shells for emptiness weapons.

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