Wow, it’s not often that you see offline games get important updates over a year after launch, but that’s what happens with Haven. The interesting independent title came out in December 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It’s a pretty unique game, which follows the story somewhat sci-fi of Yu and Kay – a romantically rearled couple who fled together on a strange planet.

The title speaks of airy exploration, visual novel style dialogues and turn battles. A strange mixture, you might think, but it works well – as shown in our Opinion on Paradis .

Anyway, Haven has a new update available for download now. It adds the possibility of playing as one-sex couples, which is obviously ideal for inclusiveness. By default, Yu and Kay are women and men respectively, but you can now opt for a man-man or women-woman relationship. The Yu male and the female kay have models of unique characters, illustrations by characters and are both entirely expressed, so a considerable amount of work has been devoted to that. The developer The Game Bakers says that the story of the game remains the same regardless of your choice.

It should also be emphasized that Haven can be played with a partner or a friend via a local cooperative.

The creative director Emeric Thoa explains the thought behind this update: “Haven is the freedom to love who we want. From the first days of the design, we had created several couples for the game, with a varied range of relationships. But the constraints of the production of our independent team has made us focus solely on Yu and Kay. After launching the game, we wanted to go back and work on this update. We hope many players will feel better represented in the game. “

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Adorable stuff.