Xbox Software Update brings it back!

There have been speculation about a new trailer for the next title of fromSoftware, Elden Ring. While a trailer has been the subject of an informal flight earlier in the day, rumors surrounding the trailer thought that the game would be officially presented at a Microsoft event on March 23, however, is not true.

The Xbox Marketing Director, Aaron Greenberg, ended the rumors that the game would be presented at a Microsoft event on his personal Twitter page yesterday.

Greenberg retwee a press article on the coming event potentially sharing the trailer, declaring:

“Just to define expectations: it does not happen. There are always things we have in the work, but nothing future that could present global game announcements or firsts like this.

So, unfortunately, it does not seem that Xbox will announce new games or give up “global first” in the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that an official revelation of Elden Ring is not in progress.

There are a number of media and personalities that circulate the rumor on future information on Elden Ring, including Jason Schreier of Bloomberg who recently released on his Twitter page that there are “solid evidence” that the game will be broadcast soon.

For those who do not know the game, Elden Ring is an upcoming title of fromSoftware. The game will include the writing of the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, George Rr Martin, and is considered the biggest game of society to date. FromSoftware has already worked on the Dark Souls series, as well as the Bloodborne and Sekiro Spiritual Successors: Shadows Die Twice.

Although it was announced in 2019, we do not know about Elden Ring so far – hence the too zealous excitement of fans who hope more information on the title.

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