The European Football Union (UEFA) has donated one million euros for the support of Ukrainian children after the attack of Russia via their foundation. The money should not only benefit children in the Ukraine affected by the war, but also adolescents refugees in the neighboring countries. Chairman of the Foundation is UEFA President Aleksandar Cefer.

“Children are very vulnerable in conflicts, and it is our duty to contribute to the protection of their fundamental rights and their health. Thanks to the solidarity of European football and the support of our partners, we will be able to make a part of the help, the children In Ukraine and in the neighboring countries urgent, “emphasized CEFERIN.

The UEFA Foundation for children also decided to provide immediate assistance funds of 100,000 euros to support Ukrainian children and refugees. The emergency fund is provided to the Football Association of the Republic of Moldova, which already works with local organizations active in the humanitarian area.

Thus, Ukrainian refugee children should be supported, which arrive in the country. Part of this sum should also be used for the supply of children’s hospitals in Ukraine with drugs and relief supplies.

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The DFB Foundation Egidius Braun and the Foundation “The Team” of the selection of the German Football Federation had provided an emergency aid in the amount of 100,000 euros for distressed children and adolescents in Ukraine as part of their joint initiative “Nursery”.

The President of the Football Association of the Republic of Moldova, Leonid Oleinicenco added: “This concrete support of European football and the UEFA Foundation for children will help us satisfy the basic needs of families and their children about local humanitarian organizations.”