Now, when a new campaign “Queen Witch” came to Destiny 2, players are wondering if you can play the game on the go. Valve has released Steam Deck – a portable device on which gamers can play your Steam library. Destiny 2 is in Steam, and players would be very convenient to try the witch Queen, being out of the house. Only a specific set of games are compatible with Steam Deck, which causes the question: Is it possible to play Destiny 2 on the Steam deck?

Bangui confirmed on the Help page, which Destiny 2 is not supported in the Steam deck. or any system using Proton Steam Play, if not installed and not running Windows. If a player tries to run Destiny 2 in Steam dealer through Steamos or Proton, he will not be able to enter the game. Shortly thereafter, the player will return to his game library.

Bungie also clarifies that any attempt to bypass the incompatibility of Destiny 2 will be encountered by the ban on the game. It is sad for Steam users, especially now, given the launch of the most ambitious game campaign. Although Destiny 2 may be incompatible with the Steam deel, it is reported that more than 400 items from the Steam library will be available on the device.

Will Destiny 2 be playable on the Steam Deck at launch? Steam Deck News

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