The EVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP Series (EVO) was revealed that “Large scuffle smash Brothers” series works are not included in the competitions for “EVO 2022” scheduled to be held in August this year on February 27. It is because Nintendo did not provide the series.

EVO is the world’s largest fighting game tournament following the 1990s. A tournament is held in America Las Vegas, and the latest work and popularity of the time, focusing on the battle combat game, adopt the competition. Players gather from all over the world. Last year, it was held as an online event due to the effects of new coronavirus, but this year is announced that it will be held offline again.

This time EVO announces announcement for EVO 2022 from 10:00 on March 9, March 9. Among them, it was revealed that “Large scuffle smash Brothers” series work did not appear in EVO 2022. In the announcement of March, it is considered that the competition lineup is considered to be present, and it is considered to be well known that the “large scuffle smash Brothers” series is not included there.

The “Large scuffle smash Brothers” series is one of the highest degree of attention in EVO. So far, “Large scuffle smash Brothers DX” and “Large scuffle smash Brothers X” “Large scuffle smash Brothers SPECIAL” have been adopted. EVO 2020 was discontinued and was not included in the EVO 2021, which was held online, so it seems that there was also a direction to expect to revive the item for the first time in a long time this year, but it was expected to be expected.

The judgment of the look-off was said to be the Nintendo side. The reason has not been clarified. During the fans, Sony Interactive Entertainment has affected that EVO was jointly acquired last year (Related Articles). At that time, EVO has continued to accept the title of all platforms. However, in the console market, the event owned by companies that are rivals owned by a company is certainly reflected in a somewhat pulsed situation.

On the other hand, Nintendo partnered with Panda of E Sports-related companies, and plans to hold the official tournament in North America of “Large scuffle smash Brothers Special” and “Large scuffle smash Brothers DX” this year. With regard to the announcement of this EVO, there are many fans pointing out the existence of this official tournament. Nintendo might have been preparing for this new official tournament premise that Nintendo does not return to EVO.

About this announcement, comments are also sent from players. For example, “Sumabra” top player’s MKLEo is disappointing about this announcement, but it is expected that Nintendo and PANDA’s partnership will be good. Furthermore, he said, because “Large scuffle smash Brothers Special” won the EVO 2019 adopted, it may be the first champion at the beginning of the mind.

Also, the “Sumabra” top player Kodorin players are awarded a prize in the official tournament by Panda, which is a comment. It is not very pessimistic because there is no place in the players’ work.

In addition, in the announcement of EVO, it is said that Nintendo expresses participation is to be an event this year. It seems to be undecided after next year. EVO leaves comments that expect future “Sumabra” return. Announcement on EVO 2022, which will be held in August this year, is scheduled to be broadcast from the official Twitch channel from 10:00 on March 9, Japan.