In Shadow Warrior 3, you will fight with terrifying demons and on the role of Lo Van, using various weapons and his faithful katana. But you may notice that the environment is also filled with dangers. Some dangers are useful, and some are not, for example, yellow vines.

These Yellow vines can be found in Shadow Warrior 3 and you can break, cutting them by riding or shooting them . We recommend cutting them when you can, or use a criminal or assistant to keep the ammunition when they are beyond the reach of Katana.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Final Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4
You will need to break these vines to move forward because they often block your way. If you do not remove yellow vines from the road, you will not be able to continue. Sometimes these vines need to quickly remove in certain missions, so keep your finger on the jurka warm.

If you are lost and do not know where to go, yellow vines are usually a good indicator where to go. Their bright color often makes them easily noticeable. So find a minute to look around if you get lost, and follow the road from the yellow vine!

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