Last week, the US government announced the export control measures in the United States, and the government will discuss the US government and export control in this week.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Normal Kwon, Han-gu, and the head of the Normal School is attending the ‘professional trade emergency meeting’ held at the Seoul Samseong Trade Center on the 28th.

Welcome to the president of the meeting, “We plan to concentrate on the US and to concentrate on the United States, regarding the US Salary export control issued last week.” In addition, the Industrial Department shall conduct the US Department of Commerce Industry in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (BIS).

On this day, the meeting was held to examine the import and export status according to professional trade, import association, and Ukrainian disagreement. After Russia’s Ukraine invasion, we discussed the impact on import and export status and response measures such as logistics, raw materials, and payment, and the effects of international community.

The professional trading company attended the meeting is now responding to the expansion of the cost of the current raw material, but it was concerned about the recipient of the raw material, logistics transportation disruption, and the payment of the logistics transportation disruption,

In addition, it emphasized the importance of providing rapid information on the industry and to raise uncertainty related to the export control measures for strategic materials that the US government announced by the US government.

The Industrial Department is in a full-fledged operation from the “Russian Desk” in the Strategic Material Management. We are providing related information and consulting by receiving a total of 60 inquiries about the sustainability of Salary export by industry, and the sanctions of Salaran by two days.

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We are scheduled to strengthen the support of information sharing, logistics, transaction disruption, liquidity supply, legal consulting, etc. through the recent recent businesses that have recently established to the KOTRA and trade association related to Ukraine.

“Because the Ukrainian monitage is not unpredictable, it will not be unpredictable, so it will not be able to maintain an emergency response system,” and “rapidly changing local trends,” I will go to the policies. “