The world of Arkasia de Lost Ark is full of secrets and places to discover. Among them there are some islands that do not remain in sight constantly and are only temporarily available, as is the case of the islands of Shangra , some mysterious areas that only appear from time to time at certain times of the day.

To throw a cable when it comes to finding them We have prepared the following guide that we invite you to read below.

All locations on Shangra Island

The island of Shangra has a peculiarity and is that it is never found in the same place. Your appearance is completely random between three possible places of the arkesia ocean, so at least you will always know that you can go out in any of these three points so you do not have to navigate from one side to another without a fixed heading.

To be clear about the indicated site you will realize that ** ten minutes before a whirlpool will appear on the island, which will be a fairly evident track that you have given with the right place. Even so, in the alarm menu you can place a notice to be sure that you are not overlooked.

That said, when you have progressed enough in the adventure to travel to the island of Shangra, where you will need to have reached the target level 460 , you can find it in any of these three locations:

Location # 1

The first option can be north of Anikka, through the sea area of ​​death.

Location # 2

The second option can be northwest of North Bern, through the area of ​​the North Bern.

Location # 3

The third option can be southeast of Bern, through the area of ​​the ocean of Atusia.

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