Welcome again, guardians. The most recent premium expansion for Destino 2 has been launched, and thanks to the witch queen, changes have occurred. These range from the main ones, like all Void subclasses that receive a review and new locations introduced in the campaign. But there has also been a lot of minor changes such as UI, UX and even what the suppliers are packaging. This brief Destiny 2 The Witch Queen changes guide is to help you orient yourself about these changes.

Changes in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Helm and The Tower

When you log in for the first time at Destiny 2, you will notice that suppliers and social areas have changed a bit. For example, HELM has had all its different wings and locations closed and renovated. Taking into account that these wings were for dedicated characters and activities of Seasons of the Hunt, Chosen, Splicer and Lost, all of which have been skipped, these eliminations were expected. However, it seems that HELM decoder threshold is still active. This means that, with the correct materials, it can make the threshold grams more likely to grant reinforcement or specific weapons with certain statistics.

As for the Suppliers of The Tower, two of them have received important adjustments. The first is the ROHOOL cryptarca. Not only can you decrypt threshold ENGRS now, but have a separate supplier menu where you can exchange Glimmer and Legendary Shards for resources. This works in a similar way to how the Spider store operated at The Tangled Shore, which have now been vaulted.

It should be noted that Rahool also sells a new material: Ascendant Alloy. This seems to be related to the new weapon manufacturing system of The Witch Queen. However, just as buying upward prisms, buy this alloy will cost you 400 legendary fragments and you can only buy one by weekly restart.

Next, is the Banshee-44 armored. As part of the period prior to this expansion, Bungie encouraged players to exchange all their resources of armored material, as they were going to review how they were going to work. Here are the changes. First, dismantle any piece of equipment, as well as Glimmer and SHARDS, will also increase its reputation range with Banshee-44. This rank of reputation works in the same way as the Reputable System Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit. Complete the rewards granted by Banshee and dismantle the equipment you do not need to slowly increase your rank. Once you reach a certain range, return to Banshee to get a reward, which will be update kits or rare update materials.

Finally, there has been a slight change in the availability of weapons and armor modifications. If you look at the Banshee store, you will notice that you only sell weapons modifications in a weekly rotation. This is because Ada-1 now sells armor mods as well as its transfiguration services. Its location in The Tower has not changed yet.

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Changes in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Vanguard, Crucol and Gambit

As for the activities of Vanguard and Gambit, some adjustments and minor changes have also been made. The first is a lower one for Vanguard activities. The battle fields of the elected season has been maintained, now it is called psiop and gives avant-garde reputation at the end. If you do not want to go through the same handful of Strikes and you just want to go through waves of enemies in a great sand, this is your alternative.

When it comes to crucible, things are hard to say with authority since the game has just come out today. However, in addition to the new rebalancing Only PVP, it has been confirmed that Eternity and Vostok maps have returned to the rotation of the game.

As for Gambit, there has been a lot of improvements in the quality of life. Taking into account that the last great incorporation into the activity was Gambit Prime there for 2019 during Season of the Drifter, an activity that was eliminated when there is there of the launched light, this is a big problem. First, there is a brief description of what are the objectives in a gambit game. Mata enemies, collects the specks that release, place them in a bank, kill the boss who comes out once the bank is full. Do all this before the other team kill your boss. It is simple, brief and transmits the basic concepts.

In addition to that, there have been several adjustments that make a big difference. The amount of specks needed to activate an invasion portal has changed. In addition, a team can not store multiple invasions, you have to use or lose it. In addition, the invaders can not see how many specks the enemy team carries, which makes it difficult for the selection of priority objectives at the time. Finally, enemy blockers have received some more unpleasant additions, such as elementary shields and stasis skills. In general, it is not a massive transforming experience, but it is good to know that Bungie has not completely abandoned this activity.

Changes in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: minor improvements in the quality of life

Finally, there are several small improvements that are very useful for both new players and those who return:

  • The totality reine witch The campaign can be played at any time from the menu. Compared with the campaigns of Bastion of Shadow and More there of Light This is a big problem.
  • That same exact campaign now has two modes of difficulty. Finishing it in legendary difficulty guarantees you a better team, as well as an emblem to mark your achievement.
  • Each unique status effect mentioned in the menu of its subclass is explained in more detail with a text pop-up window. This helps make sense of darker effects such as Supressed.
  • The unique armor rewarded through its seasonal pass is slowly scaled to its power limit. This means that it can stick to your main class, change to a separate one and then level them when redeeming the seasonal pass armor. This was present in previous seasons, but not during More there of light and stations in the future

While we have not yet gotten into the main The Queen Witch Changes found in Destination 2, we hope that this quick guide will help you understand how Bungie reorganized the cosmic furniture in its MMO science fiction shower. Good luck guardians, and be careful with their lies.