Launch Guild Wars 2 may be a difficult task, and the choice of profession is an important part of your gameplay. Here is a list of all the professions Guild Wars 2 and their specialties.


Mesmer – Magic duelists who use deception as a weapon. Using mighty illusions, clones and ghostly magic, players can increasing the scales in every battle in their favor. Bread with butter of this class uses magic of illusions and applying decent damage .

abilities Mesmer

  • Clones
  • Fantasms
  • Breaks
  • Mantra
  • Glamor


Guardians are devotees who defend their allies and crush the enemies, drawing their virtue of their virtues. Real guards – brilliant tactics and selfless defenders who know how to strengthen their allies to achieve victory. Guardies are your classic support fighter giving buffs with virtues and causing a decent damage.

Help abilities

  • Virtue of justice
  • Virtue of courage
  • The dignity of determination
  • Spiritual weapon
  • Krchchits


As practicing dark arts, necromancers call on minions, own the strength of the ritual and heal themselves with the help of blood magic. Necromancers feed on the life force they can use within offensive purposes or in order to delay their own death. Necromancers have a unique ability to suck life from enemy players using the resulting energy to go into the attack and support their group.

abilities necromanta

  • Minions
  • Wells.
  • Saranscha Roy.

GUILD WARS 2: Class Guide Overview - ALL Classes & ELITE Specializations [What Class Should I Play?]
* Siphon of Life
* Grabbing the dead
* Rock


Rangers rely on the tempering eye, solid hand and the power of nature itself. Unsurpassed survivalors with traps, the spirits of nature and the whole stables of faithful pets at their disposal, Rangers can adapt to any situation. Rangers also have a unique ability to tame wild animals as pets allowing them to have an ally in battle.

Abilities Ranger

  • Perfume
  • Traps
  • Call Hunter
  • Barrifying fire
  • Rotating protection
  • Snake beats


Elementalists are multifaceted spellcasters that direct natural forces, forcing fire, air, earth and water to fulfill their orders. What they lack in physical resistance, they compensate for the versatility and the ability to apply a huge damage. Elementalists Your Classic Glass Wizard Gun Huge Damage, But Low Protection and Health.

Abilities of the elementalist

  • Spell
  • Glife
  • Water trident
  • Static field
  • Phoenix
  • Meteor Rain
  • Bearing land


Warriors – masters of possession of arms that rely on speed, strength, endurance and heavy armor to survive in battle. Adrenaline feeds their offensive power – the longer the warriors remain in battle, the more dangerous they become. Warriors are your classic tank. They bring good damage and excellent crowd control, to be a shield between the enemy and your allies .

Military abilities

  • Study
  • Crack in the skull
  • Arrow Arrow
  • Stick
  • Shield rack
  • Northern Artery
  • Rana
  • Final throw


Thieves are experts in secure and suddenness, they move in shadows, disappear in the air or steal objects from their opponents and use them as a weapon. Thieves practiced a clever, an acrobatic style of battle, because of which they are very difficult to get into them. Thieves – your flank strikers becomes invisible, sneaks up to enemies from behind and causes a huge damage to a hidden attack.

Abilities of thief

  • Steal
  • Pitch shadow
  • Shadow shot
  • Scorpio Wire
  • Flower of death
  • Cassette bomb
  • Stels


Engineers – Masters of mechanical chaos. They love to mess around with explosives, elixirs and all sorts of dangerous gadgets. They support their allies by alchemical weapons, apply brilliant inventions or destroy enemies with a wide range of mines, bombs and grenades. Engineers are able to inflict serious damage. Denie Square is their specialty .

engineer abilities

  • Sets of weapons
  • Sets of Ryukzakov
  • Towers
  • Rocket boots
  • Elixir H.
  • Glue shot
  • Bag with grenade
  • Shot in a jump
  • Rifle tower