The Transmitted by blood 2 The rumors are back, along with the rumors about the original game, before the newer game of fromSoftware, Anillo de Elden. Elden Ring will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in six days. It remains to be seen what kind of support after the launch you will get the game, and remains to see what makes fromSoftware next. That said, according to a new rumor, it will not be absolutely nothing to do with transmitted by blood. We heard about Bloodborne 2 for years. We also have been listening to Bloodborne has been ported to PS5 and / or PC. Until now, nothing of any of these rumors has emerged, and it seems that this will not change soon.

The last rumor comes along the path of the filter. Omnipotenthemejor known for its various filtrations and rumors related to anillo de elden. According to the filter, of the two possibilities, a sequel is more likely, but at this moment both are just that, possibilities. In other words, the filter says that he has not heard anything in the work for transmitted by blood.

“I guess you never say ever, and it’s definitely much more likely than any sequel, but said that. In all my time as ‘Insider’ I have been aware of many things in which from Itware has worked or has been even something related in recent years, sekiro and anillo by Elden being the great obviously, but also remake of Demon’s Souls, Almas Dark Remasterized, Caos de Lobos de Metal, Deacine, and things that have not yet been announced. While I do not know all the details of everything, and some things I know them much more than others, I have never encountered anything that is done with transmitted by blood, even when it is actively looking for it, several times, for a period of years. Sequel, Remaster, PC port, even a patch. I have never heard about anything, at least not a particularly reliable place. Then, make what you want with that information ».

For now, take everything with tweezers, as well as all the previous rumors about the series. At this point, we have contradictory information from a variety of sources. Usually, where there is so much smoke, there is fire, but Omnipotent is widely considered as one of the best sources when it comes to fromSoftware.

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