The NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers has set football coach Brian Flores as assistant trainers against the US Profiliga after its discrimination action. The report US media.

Flores had sued NFL on 1 February. He raises the organization, blacks would be discriminated against training procedures on coach items because of their skin color.

Even in the case of a new job in a team he had announced to hold on to the lawsuit. He hope for a change in thinking and in the hearts of the team owners of the 32 teams.

“If I’m never trainer again, but there is a change, then it was worth it,” he said at the beginning of February.

Pittsburgh Steelers Hire Brian Flores as Linebackers Coach, Senior Defensive Assistant, Reaction

In the NFL, teams are required by a rule to invite representatives of minorities with open places to talks. Flores complains, this often seems to a real chance for these candidates without intention.

The procedure created as a class action is also directed against Denver Broncos, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. The league and the three teams have rejected allegations in opinions.