On Wednesday and Thursday Makoto completed Hasbe the complete training program. Whether the 38-year-old “Methusalem der Liga” on Saturday in Cologne is in the field, but it is still uncertain. After all, will be on February 5 in the game in Stuttgart suffered Pneumothorax then just two weeks ago.

“Makoto feels so well, but in certain movements, he still feels pain. There is no final decision, if he is with it,” says Glasner. After graduating on Friday, he will find the conversation with the Japanese again. “He denies every duel at 100 percent. But if you have such a thing in mind, maybe you pull back somewhere, and that would be anything but good for us against Cologne,” knows Glasner.

The coach expects a “very intense game” and analyzes: “Cologne beats most of the flanks and achieves many goals with his head. Anthony Modeste is of course the focus, so you have many air duels and two-fighting in the box. That’s why it’s very important that you do not feel pain in your chest for every jump and remiple pain. “

Uniquely, the coach also brings a changeover on four-chain into the game. There are actually good reasons for this, the public training sessions this week did not point to a change in the basic order. Should it come, Tuta and Evan Ndicka would have their husband in domestic defense.

Hinteregger loves kernig challenges as with modests

Usually it would be a comprehensible consideration to send Hinteregger into the man-counter-man-duel with modests even with a core-friendly. The Austrian loves such human challenges and has often grew enough in the past. Just as Against Chelseas’s impactor Olivier Giroud in the semi-finals of the Europa League 2019.

He is a very introverted, sensitive player who makes a lot of thought. Maybe he’s a bit too many thoughts.

Oliver glassner

According to the recent performances, however, a start-up of the audience loyal would contradict the performance principle. Glasner seems to be seriously considering that. “I talked to Martin longer. He is a very introverted, sensitive player who makes many thoughts and is very dissatisfied with themselves and his performance. Maybe he’s a bit too many thoughts,” suspects Glasner.

The coach continues to lead: “He is extremely rooted at the Eintracht and did not know that this is his club here, in which he feels comfortable. That’s why that’s even more likely to him, as if the trumber would be indifferent to him Experience him now with significantly more commitment than in the beginning. He now fights again to get constantly in his best form, so he has our total support. “

As important to this public restraint is just overlooking the Psyche of the player, should not remain unmentioned that it is a prerequisite in competitive sports, at any time at all times and to subordinate much to the profession. For this self-evident, you do not have to praise a professional.

Futures Thinking Principles

For Glasner, the performance principle is on the game

Despite Glasners warm words remains open whether Hinteregger actually runs up. Although the coach emphasizes, he has “Zero concerns when Martin plays against modests,” but this is not an emergency guarantee. The 1.89-meter-Hüne Stefan Ilsanker would be a suitable man to defend against modests. Of course, only one thing is: Glasner went on a vabane track, he should decide for Hinteregger. Ideally, the 29-year-old could recharge with a good performance of fresh self-confidence and repay trust. For a further weak performance, Glasner would, however, rightly exposed to the allegation to have overridden the performance principle.