Of course, the last days costed by the many cancellations “a lot of energy”, as Voss-Tecklenburg arrested on Wednesday before the departure of the German women’s national team towards England. “We had to expect failures, but that it meets us in such a massive form, is unhappy, but not changeable,” the 54-year-old is quoted on the DFB website. On a total of 14 missing EM candidates, the failures summed up. Nevertheless, Voss-Tecklenburg insisted, the Arnold Clark Cup is “a location determination, despite the failures.” And with regard to the EM 2022, which is also held in England from 6 to 31 July.

21. January 202254: 36 minutes

Fe: Male # 05 – Almuth Shoulder

She is the only mother in the Football Bundesliga. Every day she commutes between family and club, is also a national player, celebrated TV expert and is involved in football for more women. We visit Almuth’s training in the training center of VfL Wolfsburg and she tells us which challenges she puts her turbulent life daily. The goalkeeper talks about whether she will continue its professional career and why they do not feel like sitting on the national team on the bench. She also discusses with us about the most important topics of her initiative football can be more and expresses its disappointment about decision-makers in football and the willingness to change the DFB.

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Although now “the focus” change, the coaching team “not the overall picture, what we wanted.” But Voss-Tecklenburg also sees the possibilities that offer: “For each player, which is here, it is a huge chance. Maybe someone surprises us.”

Däbritz expects “Three games on world class levels”

In any case, nothing has changed at the objective. “We go to the place to win,” Voss-Tecklenburg announced. The hurdles, but in the implementation but in the way, are high: At the beginning of Thursday Spain is waiting (15.30 clock), the other opponents of the high-caliber tournament are on Sunday Olympic champion Canada (21:15 clock) and at the end of the coming Wednesday The selection of the host (20.30 clock).

“We expect three games to world class levels. This will be a taste of the European Championship,” said Sara Däbritz from the French top Club Pairs Saint-Germain.

Voss-Tecklenburg: “Spain is the benchmark in many areas”

Especially before the Iberers, the German women have high respect. “It’s up to date the best team,” Voss-Tecklenburg praised the kick-off opponent in the highest tones. “Spain is the benchmark in many areas.” For Däbritz, the effectiveness will play a crucial role against Spain: “There will not be ten to 20 chances, but maybe two or three. They must then sit when we want to decide for us for us. And that’s our goal for tomorrow. “