Novak Djokovic has revealed in an interview with the BBC that his son Stefan has cheered in the final of the Australian Open Rafael Nadal. “At each point of Rafa he jumped around and cheered with the fist like Rafa.”

When asked if Stefan would support his father in the direct meeting between Djokovic and Nadal, he replied, “I hope.” A few days ago, when Djokovic brought his son to bed, he asked him: “When will the next tournament take place on which you are taking part and he?” On the answer from Djokovic, that this will hopefully be the case soon and the father wanted to know the reason for demand, Stefan explained, “I definitely want to take a picture with him.”

Novak Djokovic brings his son Stefan to his Dubai press conference | DDF Tennis 2020
In the course of the discussions about the unvaccinated world ranking memorial, which was not allowed to participate in the Australian Open due to his vaccination status, the later winner Nadal was also asked for his opinion before the start of the tournament. “The Australian Open are more important than any player. It will be great Australian Open, with or without him.”

Although he respects his counterparty “as a person, of course, and without doubt as a sportsman,” but with many things that Novak did not agree. If there is a solution to the problems, then it is the Vaccination. We have to vaccinate. ” Later, Nadal decided the final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev in four sentences for themselves and thus brought himself to his 21st Grand Slam title – a more than Djokovic and Roger Federer.

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Djokovic also insisted on his attitude in the _BBC_interView, which is currently not vaccinated and thus to risk participation in the upcoming Grand Slams in Paris and Wimbledon. “Yes, that’s the price I am willing to pay.” In principle, he was “never had been against vaccinations” and in the future can also imagine a vaccine, “because we all have to try together to find the best possible solution to finish Covid”. However, Serbe pleads to make this decision independently.