A press conference on the CD Projekt Red Studio regarding cyberpunk 2077 has ended. And can brothers, a lot of news came.

First, and all the most interesting things, Patch 1.5 is available immediately. And yes, this includes publications for new consoles. Immediately at the beginning of the press conference, the game of PlayStation 5 was seen in the world of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In addition, the update brings with it a lot of improvements. In this nutshell the largest:

  • The player’s ability for the player has largely largely new. So much that if you upgrade the game with your current character, you must set the Perk points again. The change should balance the game greatly and cut off the unnecessary abilities of the game.
  • There are major changes in the artificial intelligence. The enemies are now cunning, motorists more rationalized and the way street tallar also smarter. All of this should make the city much more lively.
  • Vehicle mechanism has been changed much more agile. Cars and motorcycles can now make new tricks and should be better wired.
  • The game map is filtered new to make it easier to explore it.

Cyberpunk 2077 - A New Secret Update Went Live But What Does It Mean? Update 1.5 News!
* The player can now change the appearance of V through their own housing through the mirror. The mirror menu brings the player directly to the character menu where you can change everything. Patch also includes new make-up styles, hair styles, hair colors and so on.
* The player can now buy new homes for V and decorate them with the best seen.
* The new free DLCs will bring a few new weapons to market.

  • Also, the game economy has been balanced: some things are no longer so expensive, and the price balance is always balanced with the player’s wealth. For example, you can buy new vehicles easier.

The technical features of the full change list and the new generation consoles will find this link (KLIK).