Just a few weeks can completely change your life. A job offer, an examination of which results depend on many things or a party in which you have met the love of your life. Although everything can change in an instant, the reality is that we all usually perceive a change in dynamics: Good Rachas and Bad Rachas.

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That is precisely what happens to koi , the team of IBAI LLANOS and Gerard Piqué . After starting the superliga with an unappealable 3-0, the second round left them with a 4-5 before the game of last night… the first of the second round. In his debut they devoted a F.C. Barcelona that after a few weeks, he arrived around with a dynamic totally opposite his rival: 6 consecutive victories.

There was a lot at stake for Koi because a defeat left them, at least, in a triple tie by the last playoff position. For F.C Barcelona it was an opportunity to follow the brutal rhythm of Fnatic Team Cheese, still undefeated in the competition after 10 maps.

Koi’s same failures

The party had incentives since before starting the game, but already in the draft has been tremendously interesting. The selection of Veigago for Jorgen “ Hatrixx ” ELGAEN or the Combo Zeri-Yuumi for the Koi Botlane talked about the desire to give to talk about the whole trained by Jesus “ Falco ” Pérez, while Barça He opted for a much more classic composition, with gallons for the Jinx of Matthew “ Deadly ” Smith.

In the SLT report we talked about how disconnections could be appreciated as a KOI team, and in particular Toplaner with respect to the rest of the team. In this duel against Barcelona, ​​the same phenomenon is observed, since despite making a very potable early game and that SLT itself makes a party at all recriminable during those minutes, everything starts to turn towards the disaster at timely moments.

Around 18th minute, and with an advantage in Kills and equal gold marker, Barça manages to end Rafitta and Season, as well as throwing the first central street tower. Koi gave free murders in a key champion of the composition of him, and what is more worrisome, giving the initiative to his rival.

It is not that Koi left the game, because he could even respond to an early Nashor by those of the city Condal, but the reality is that they were always at the mercy of the rivals. He showed it so much the sword of Damocles that was at all times that hypothetical fourth dragon for Barça, like the group fight of the 31th minute at the Koi base.

A party of feelings

_ “Koi won us in the first game, we wanted to take revenge a bit. We have shown a lot during these weeks, since Koi won us in the first game […] we arrived at this game with a cold head, we wanted to focus on Win, in playing our plan “_, related deadly in the post-party interview before the applause of his companions were heard.

Some statements contrast with the tone and words of Luis “ Koldo ” Pérez in the previous Koi match: _ “many in general (errors), of communication especially… and of the synergy, at the end, I think it’s what we are failing the most now… I do not know why. You have to build it again, and the Early too. The decisions made well, I do not know why we are now failing them. In general, all the game. “_

Now it remains to be seen if Koi is able to wake up and ensure a position on playoffs. The first two posts, which seem unattainable, are those who would give the right to play the semifinals for the title directly. But A playoff post should not be such a complicated mission if they manage to change the terrible dynamics in which they are immersed. Bisons, Giants, Koi, G2 Arctic and Movistar Riders will be played, if the thing does not change too much with Herteits and Barça, the three remaining posts in the postseason of the LVP superliga.