Even though SIFU arrived at PC and PlayStation a few days ago, their developers have no intention to rest yet. In a recent publication of the PlayStation blog, SLOCLAP announced that this brutal title of kung fu will be receiving DLC ​​content in the future, just do not expect that one day you can have an _multiplayer component. _

Felix Garczynski, Community Manager of SLOCLAP , mentioned that the team “is already working on post-launch content” and that “have exciting plans for free updates”. He promises that in the future they will be sharing additional details, however, he made it clear that SIFU will remain an experience for a single player, and they do not intend to dilute it with online content.

Sifu DLC Confirmed! - New Levels Or Something Smaller?

We do not know exactly what type of DLC could receive SIFU in the future, but considering that it will not be related to multiplayer, it is easy to assume that they could be new levels, outfits, weapons or other things that enrich the experience single-player. At the moment we will have to wait to know the official answer, but by while, remember that you can know what we found SIFU in our written review.

Editor’s note: I think it’s a good idea that you have opted to keep SIFU as an exclusive title of a single player. After all, part of what makes this experience something so unique is precisely their level of difficulty, and how satisfactory is to finish a level after taking hours stuck in it.