Last night, from the 27th to the 28th of January 2022, the gates from the Battle of Hyjal and the Black Temple from WoW: Burning Crusade Classic . Since December 2021 we knew that “only” will expect the patch 2.4.3 versions of the RAID instances . Especially for the fighting against Mother Sharaz and Archimonde this plays a role.

World First Kills in record time

Whether the patch status of the bosses ultimately plays a role, can not be said. As you know, the Progress guilds practice the upcoming RAID challenges anyway to vomiting on the PTR. It is clear only that it quickly warned the first World First Kills for the TBC Classic era. Here is a small summary:

  • The EU Guild Calamity from the Server Mograine could first defeat Archimonde and thus decide the battle for Hyjal.
  • The EU Guild Turbulence from the server Firemaw completed only fast boss number 1 in Hyjal, for the Attune, and then set out to the Black Temple. The reward: The First-kill of Illidan.
  • On WarcraftLogs, however, the well-known Progress Guild Progress is again guided as the worldwide number 1. The players of the Firemaw guild succeeded first of the “14 of 14” status, ie the Clear of Hyjal and the Black Temple.
  • According to Progress, 457 more guilds were able to master the entire RAID content of Phase 3. Most communities (890) are currently stuck at 5 out of 14.
  • The fastest Run in the Black Temple lasted 1 hour and 28 minutes. At the Battle of Hyal, the time record is currently 46 minutes and 17 seconds.

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World FIRST Illidan Stormrage!! | TBC Phase 3 | Daily Classic WoW Highlights #261 |
WoW TBC Classic: The entrance to the Black Temple [Source: Blizzard]

How was that in Burning Crusade then?

Let’s look at the end again, like that was in 2007. Patch 2.1 appeared on May 22, but it took until May 25, until the first boss went to the ground with Furor winterfrost (nihilum had completed). Then the knot was bursting then. Nihilum focused on the black temple and put the first five bosses on May 26, 2007. In Hyjal, however, the guilds Forte and Curse from 26th to 29 May could lay the bosses Anetherone, Kaz’rogal and Azgalor.

Endboss Archimonde should live until the 9th of June. The black temple was made a little faster. After the reliquary of the souls was defeated (on 02. June), the bosses fell during the daytime (most recently Illidan on 05 June). The guild behind all these World First Kills? Again nihilum.