Sony has quietly made a cryptic change in PlayStation Plus. At this time, it is not clear what should be done with the implications, but most users PS4 and PS5 seem to agree that there are flagrant implications of what on the surface looks innocent and inconsequential change. Anyone who has been paying attention to this industry for a considerable period of time will know that there is never innocent and inconsequential changes and, usually, the apparent implications are not only real, but sometimes are just the tip of the iceberg.

What is PlayStation Plus? (PS PLUS FEATURES)
So what is the change? Is one subtle that most would never have noticed, but there is always an Internet user with an eagle eye that note for every1. In this case, it is Okami Games on Twitter. who noted that the fine print of the promotional images of PlayStation Plus has changed. What it reads like “for PlayStation Plus subscribers” in January now reads as “available this month at no additional cost.”

This change has not been done in a vacuum. It comes on the back of reports of a subscription service PlayStation, PlayStation tentatively called Spartacus, combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, providing subscribers access to games PS3, PS2 and PS1. Reports have suggested that it will launch as a premium level model existing PlayStation Plus. And what suggests “available this month at no additional cost”? A second level premium.

For now, take it all here with a grain of salt since this is mostly speculation. Of course, Sony could crush speculation a comment or more information, but probably will not do. If I had something to announce, announce it. And maybe I will, eventually. In addition to this, it is also strictly adheres to its policy of “no comment”, which extends not only to speculation, but anything from the unofficial and speculative variety.

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