How to Download/install Lost Ark for Steam with Free VPN [LOST ARK] x [Quick Version]
Lost Ark is in front of the release: The new MMOG The Amazon Game Studios will be released on February 11th. Anyone who acquires a pioneer package is already in the world of Arkesia on February 8th. So you can start punctually with your adventure, the Preloads will be available from 7 February. The pre-downloads starts at 6 pm. It does not matter if you have bought a pioneer pack or not – Preload access will receive all players. There is no way to create or book the first characters before activation.

The activation for Lost Ark players with preliminary access (pioneer package) is planned for the 8th of February, at 6 pm. If you buy a pioneer package during the preliminary discount, you can get the rest of the time early in the game. For all other players, the servers open on February 11th at 6 pm: Then all users can immerse yourself in the Adventure of Lost Ark for free.

Info about the pioneer packages

According to the developer, the pioneer packages can be purchased until February 11, 18 o’clock. The benefits of the package will automatically receive you as a steam user. Amazon customers, in turn, get a key for their pioneer package – “either on Monday, February 7, or when buying between 6pm CET on February 7th and 6pm CET on 11 February immediately at order confirmation”. The packages are delivered to the cadre of your account, from where you can obtain the content and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. Note that the skins can only be used for the 15 classes available for the release of Lost Ark.

Details about servers & resets

How to communicate the developers in the Launch timetable for Lost Ark, the server reset times per region apply. Daily and weekly resets are carried out at 1 o’clock at night or after the end of planned interruptions. Further, the makers write that, for example, a dungeon opened 7 pm (UTC) server time in the US region starts seven hours later to make it better accessible to local players.

Consider that in the game the server time is displayed – and not the local time of your computer. For Central Europe go to the Launch nine server online, including Realms like “Asta”, “Wei” and “Kadan”. Amazon supplemented, depending on the capacity utilization other worlds to be added. For the US East, seven servers are first planned for the start, three for the west.



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