It is one of the most serious injuries in sports: the cruciate ligament. But what is the bad thing about it and how long is the downtime average? period brings light into the darkness.

If a player pulls himself a cruciate ligament tear, then you can actually expect that he fails for a longer period of time. Everything you have to know is now learning.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

How long does one fall out with a cruciate ligament?

Of course, how long one fails with a cruciate ligament tear depends on the intensity of the injury. Insofar as the cruciate tape has only a rather light crack, it is possible to use the so-called conservative treatment method. This includes both units of physio, refrigeration and pain therapy.

If player or player has gained a stronger crack, it is unavoidable to access the operative alternative. Here, a body’s own intact tendon is used as a graft to replace the cracked cruciate ligament.

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In any case, however, those affected must plan a period of at least half a year until they can take their activity again. This information is due in the case of surgery to a three-month healing phase of the “new” cruciate ligament and three more months of muscle building and coordination training. In many cases, especially in amateur athletes, but should be expected at a period of nine months.

How is a cruciate ligament crack?

A cruciate ligament tear defines medicine with the partial or complete crack of the front and / or rear cruciate ligament in the knee joint. While a crack of the front band usually occurs only in connection with sports accidents, a crack of the rear is most commonly triggered by force or violent effects such as a car accident.

These symptoms occur in a cruciate ligament tear

The following symptoms brings a cruciate ligament tear:

  • Strong knee pain
  • Tearing or moving in the knee (cracking noise)
  • Swelling the knee
  • Knellenkasten

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So you can prevent a cruciate ligament tear

In order to prevent injury, doctors recommend providing certain movement and stress sequences already in training. As a result, the affected muscle groups are strengthened and the body gets an impression of what would expect him in the future.