If Blizzard has always taken great care not to reduce the alliance and horde to the “Gentiles” and the “wicked” of the world of Azeroth, the confrontation that opposes the two factions remains one of the foundations of The Warcraft license. However, Azeroth evolves and the MMORPG mechanics also and in a note published on the official website, Blizzard indicates now consider “inter-faction instances” in World of Warcraft .
In other words, the players of the Alliance and the Horde can soon evolve together and can keep in some of the instances of the MMORPG (in dungeons, raids and classified PVP) and in certain circumstances. Regardless of their faction, players will be able to invite their loved ones if they are friends via the battletag or real name system.

We know the controversial subject in players and some are very attached to the two factions antagonism. Reason for which Blizzard manifestly takes moult Precautions to present this evolution – the studio provides for example that as part of a group search, group leaders will be able to check an option to allow or prohibit the players of the other faction. To complete to convince recalcitrants, the studio also highlights that at the option of patches and extensions, the Horde and the Alliance have already been able to collaborate on several occasions in the face of common enemies.

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More prosaically, we know especially that the WORLD OF WARCRAFT factions impose a model increasingly binding for both players and the developer. Players are facing sometimes very unbalanced servers (a faction dominates another, to the point of generating sometimes significant migrations) and in a narrative plane, it is sometimes complex to continue to articulate the opposition between the Horde and The Alliance while all the inhabitants of Azeroth have to deal with common threats.

Blizzard obviously makes a first step to open a small breach in the border that still separates the alliance and the horde and if the studio claims that the factions are intended to persist in the future, we imagine that this evolution could open new perspectives in the future.