On January 31st, the winter transfer window of the Football Bundesliga ends at 18:00 clock. One or the other star could find a new employer on the target straight. The hottest Bundesliga rumors in the check:

  • Matthias Ginter (28): Borussia Mönchengladbach – Contract until summer 2022

German international, in the best footballer age, have been repellent in the Football Bundesliga for years – and free transfer in the summer. That the rumor kitchen around Matthias Ginter almost boiled, not surprised.

Since the 28-year-old has already confirmed that he is looking for a new challenge, there is still a farewell in winter in the room. Especially since there is no lack of potential prospects, a quick access could ultimately prove to be the trump in the poker around the center-back.

Above all Inter Milan, the FC Barcelona and the FC Bayern should have an eye on Ginter, “picture” football boss Christian Falk has recently reported in the podcast “Bayern Insider” that in December already discussions between the defensive players and FC Bayern took place. A deal in winter would probably come into question for the German record champion, if Niklas Süle Munich also leaves. That Säle said in the summer, however, seems to be carved in stone.

The situation is made more difficult by the quake, which has captured the athletic leadership of the Gladbacher. The farewell to winterboss Max Eberl has decided thing, negotiations are likely to stall up at least short-term.

  • Denis Zakaria (25): Borussia Mönchengladbach – Contract until summer 2022

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What applies to ginters is just as important to Gladbach Denis Zakaria. The list of clubs that have Swiss rumbling on the radar is even longer.

The FC Bayern should have contacted, a winter transfer is “winters picture”, however, is not an issue. Even at the BVB, the 25-year-old is persistently traded, but currently a change to Juventus Turin seems the more realistic option. According to “Sky Italia” is Zakaria with the Italian record champion in intense negotiations.

Juventus has allegedly submitted an offer of seven million euros for an immediate change. Open is still whether the foals really make their service providers already in winter.

  • Axel Witsel (33): Borussia Dortmund – Contract until summer 2022

An alternative for the middle field of Juventus Turin should be Axel Witsel. The Treaty of Belgans also ends in the summer of 2022, on further cooperation does not exactly suggest much.

Compared to the Belgian Narichewinteral “RTBF.BE”, Witsel’s teammates and Landsmann Thomas Meunier finally chatted that he does not believe in a whereabouts of the Routinian. “His adventure in Dortmund seems to approach the end, even if you can not exclude a surprise,” says Meunier.

In addition to Turin, Witsels Ex-Club Standard Liège is also working on a return of the lost son. This reports “winter1”. Interest is also sought to the newlye Premier League descent candidate Newcastle United and the FC Barcelona. Should the speculation of preservations, at least Newcastle and Turin is an offer in winter.

  • Corentin Tolisso (27): FC Bayern – Contract until summer 2022

Injuries have been preventing for years that Corenentin Tolisso fulfills FC Bayern the expectations set in 2017 in his then record transfers. 2021/22, however, has proven that the Frenchman supplies when it arrives at him. Suddenly, therefore, a whereabout seems to be possible beyond the summer 2022. However, Tolisso would have to extend the Bayern.

Whether it comes to this scenario, there is broad disagreement. Extension, farewell in winter, farewell in summer: All options shoot regularly into the herb. It is clear, Bayern should not lose the next player to the next player and do not want to stay Tolisso, you would have to work in the coming days.

A last minute deal is also not excluded because Tolisso in Munich probably also remain with an extension of the backup of Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich Kimmich and the record champion would also be quite well occupied in the headquarters with a departure. And who knows? If Tolisso goes, the money would be there to take Zakaria under contract,

Marc Affeldt