NPIXEL Co., Ltd. is a cross-platform of the new RPG “Guransaga (Gran Saga): at (management Co., Ltd. GAMEPLEX), held the guild ordeal of competition against” Spirit King “pre-season 3 is informed that it has determined.

NPIXEL Co., Ltd. is a cross-platform of the new RPG “Guransaga (Gran Saga): at (management Co., Ltd. GAMEPLEX), I will inform you that the organizer of the guild competition against” ordeal of the Spirit King “pre-season 3 has been determined.

Also, pretty accessories (costumes) and to dress room than today, a new vehicle, “Marian horn” appeared! In addition, please refer to the official website of the News page ( for details of the update.

The “spirit of King ordeal” pre-season 3, earth spirits King “Dione” appeared!

To determine the TOP Guild of Guransaga, held of the guild “ordeal of the Spirit King” competition game pre-season 3 is decided! The next time the earth spirits King “Dione” appeared. Advantageous attribute is the wind so, and firm measures Let’s challenge the guild competition game!

held Date

2022 February 10 (Tuesday) after of the maintenance end-2022 February 17 up to midnight

Guild competition against the “ordeal of King Spirit” is

Along with the guild member of up to 5 people, subdue the boss of each stage. Given the amount of damage points earned in accordance with the will determine the guild ranking and reward the contents of the season.

In addition to participation fees, because it rewards also become a luxury depending on the ranking of the guild, please join us.

▲ [Guransaga] content introduction trailer | King spirit ordeal (

appeared in the dress room in a new accessories (costumes) is a limited time!

Appeared pretty accessories to dress room! “Devil horns” and “cat ears headband”, such as heart-shaped headgear “Valentine’s Heart”, please enjoy the unusual attire! Since it has become a sale of a limited time, you are planning your purchase as soon as possible!

▲ If the unique wearing the cute accessories, a big attention mistake…!

Sales period

2022, February 1 (Tuesday) 00:00 to 2022 February 15 (Tuesday) 4:00

Start sales of a new vehicle, “Marian horn” in ## limited time!

Like taste feel like you are in the world of fairy tale, Maboroshiba “Marian horn” appeared as a new vehicle! It will be sold for a limited time until February 28 days from today. Ishaku same, will be the vehicle that boasts the current fastest speed.

Because it can be purchased in 3000 free of charge diamond, why not try a taste of fantasy mood on this occasion?

▲ enjoy the feeling that wandered into the world of fairy tales! ? “Marian Horn” appeared!

Sales period

2022, February 1 (Tuesday) 0:00 2022 February 28, 23:59

Gran dice event held during the ## Cui and Mumu!

When you move by shaking the dice, reward, which is displayed on the board is being held the event “Grand dice event of Cui and Mumu” to enter the hand! It is possible to participate in the event in the [web EVENT] button on the main top of the screen, finish reward in addition to reach the START point will be paid.

Please refer to the game, or the official site of the News page ( for more information.

▲ you will receive a separate remuneration for each lap! Let’s aim to finish Good luck!

held period

2022 January 31 (Monday) 4:00 – 2022 February 9 days until the (water) 23:59
※ held period are subject to before and after without notice in advance.

Guransaga The

Guransaga is a cross-platform original game works to be drawn by the quality of the most ⾼峰.

The royal road of the RPG on the base, in order to to the game that is loved around the world, the beginning and high-quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine4, Yuki Kaji, full voice story by ⻤頭 Akira_⾥’s et al ultra-luxurious actors, in-game BGM, all ⾳楽 Hi_⼦ Mr. Shimomura is in production, Mr. Yoshitaka the illustrations and logo design Amano, Guransaga of the theme song “MAKAFUKA” is we have ⼿ is only at RADWIMPS completely newly written.

In addition, original animation by also Genki Kawamura’s otherwise, Nobuaki Kaneko is the official Ambassador of Guransaga, Shi delivered with a high content of focus the story to “fellow” by Oguri Shun and Mr. Nobuaki Kaneko’s actor in TVCM we are.

In addition, from 2021 November 26 (Friday), we began offering Guransaga PC emulator β version.

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game information

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