The time of Kristaps Porzingis at the Dallas Maericks as co-star by Luka Doncic is over: the Texans send the Big Man Per Trade to Washington.

Two and a half years long have tried Dallas Mavericks at Duo Luka Doncic / Kristaps Prozingis. For almost just as long ago it had been discussed whether the Latvian Big is a real the right co-star for Doncic. He is not that, the MAVs have arrived at this year’s Trade Deadline at the latest.

The Mavericks trade Kristaps Porzingis for Spencer Dinwiddie | NBA Today
The MAVs send according to Shams Charania Kristaps ProSingis with a future two-round pickpiece to the Washington Wizards, in return the Texan Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertan will receive.

Dinwiddie is next to Doncic a second ball handler who was injured more often in the recent past and this season with 12.6 points (37.6% FG), 4.7 rebounds and 5.8 assists on average in a larger role in Washington could not convince. Bertan has continuously returned resignation since a strong 2019/20 season and has come to only 5.7 points at 31.9 percent of downtown in this season.

Porzing, meanwhile, returns to the east, where he spent his first three years at the New York Knicks. The wizards are in transition: Franchise Player Bradley Beal will operate on the wrist and can not play this season. How Porzingis could have the opportunity to give the first option again. The 26-year-old still has a contract until the season 2023/24, when he streaks $ 36.0 million in drawn player option.