Could Destination 2 Finally go to Nintendo Switch? The possibility seems low since the Bungie developer has just been bought last week by Sony, which makes it the last member of PlayStation Studios. However, despite this acquisition, Bungie has already reaffirmed that it will launch titles on other platforms outside PlayStation in the future. Now, a source has gone so far as to suggest that Nintendo Switch could be one of the platforms that 2_ is ends up arriving in the future.

In a recent statement on social networks, the Tom Warren reporter suggested that Bungie could seek to bring Destino 2 change in the future through the technology in the cloud. In recent years, Nintendo has begun to launch more Switch titles (specifically from third-party companies) in the form of versions in the cloud. These games can only be used while connected to the Internet, but allow Switch to be a platform that can play games that could otherwise not appear on the hardware due to limitations. Thanks to a recent message of Bungie about the expansion Destination 2 “to new platforms” in the light of Sony acquisition, Warren indicated that Switch could end up being one of these platforms in question to which the game will eventually arrive.

PlayStation buys Bungie. Destiny 2 studio will help Sony take on live service games.

It is worth mentioning that the word “platforms” that Bungie has used here could mean practically anything. As Warren even came to point out, when he saw Destine 2 land at Epic Games Store, for example, it would qualify as the title that reaches a new platform. As such, there is no guarantee that Testino 2 will come to Switch, but it definitely seems to be at stake.

At the end of the day, if Bungie really wants to do Destino 2 however, a launch in Switch would make more sense. The switch already has an installed base of more than 100 million users, which means that there is a massive audience without exploiting for Bungie with Destination 2. Time will only say if this movement ends up occurring, but on paper it seems pretty logical.

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