The portable steam machine steam deck (Steam Deck), which has been revealed, with the expense of the detail specification through the valve. Horizontal Vertical 298 x 117mm is compared directly with other devices, and the size is as close as possible.

Portable Games Machine YouTube Channel The Cary Golomb (Cary Golomb) has been compared with several portable gaming machines that have been obtained throughout their SNS on the 4-day SNS on the 4th.

Golom, PS Vita, Nintendo switch OLED, and Game Boy Advance, such as Games Boy Advance, a portable game machine, from a portable game machine to Nintendo’s initial 3D game machine Viral Boy, PC-based portable game machine Smach Z, in Korea, the Wii U controller, Compared directly to the steam deck, such as Ayaneo NEXT, which is one of the decks and a rival machine.

Comparison with several devices have direct a huge size of the steam deck marked as a value.

The length of the length is about 3mm long Nintendo switch OLED, and it is about one end of the OLED, and it is the extent to reach the liquid crystal of the steam deck, and the game boy advance is not half of the steam decoder. The device that is a fixed in size of several devices was a portable PC game machine, such as Ayaneo, and it was only SMACH Z to thickness.

However, in the case of steam decks, the 7:10 percentage 7-inch display boasts a much larger screen size than SMACH Z. In addition, the control unit is also characterized by a variety of inputs than other portable game machines, and two analog sticks and trackpads are applied on the front.

Last July, the first steam deck is characterized by a steam machine that is directly presented by the valve. In particular, various operations such as grip buttons, such as grip buttons, gyro recognition, which can be specifically specifiable in addition to trackpads with HD haptic feedback, anti-electrostatic touch, trigger and bumper keys.

However, this feature and the latest games are also proud of the monthly size and weight for the implementation of the processor to be driven. The landscape length is 29.8 cm, and 11.7cm, respectively. In addition, there is a debris protruding by hand, so the thickness based on the thick part is 4.9 cm. Weight also over the doubled Nintendo switch OLED, 319g with 669g. This is a light weight of about 15 g than the largest 12.9-type model of the latest iPad with the M1 processor.

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The steam deck is equipped with the GPU of the CPU and 1.0 ~ 1.6 GHz of the CPU of 2.4 ~ 3.5 GHz, the AMD APU. In the case of actual resolution, it is expected that it will operate with a relatively low resolution of 1280 x 800, 1280 x 720, instead of 1080p, and it is expected to produce a great performance.

The valve will be released on February 25, which will be released on February 25, which has been sold in sales through preliminary purchases. On the other hand, more comparative images of the steam deck can be found in the SNS of Cary Gomol.