Publisher’s 505 Games announced on February 3, Puzzle RPG “ Puzzle Quest 3 (Puzzle Quest 3) ” will be delivered on March 2. Corresponding platforms are provided with PC (STeam) and iOS / Android, basic play free.

“Puzzle Quest 3” is the latest work of the “Puzzle Quest” series that developers Infinity Plus Two in Australia will work. Match 3 A series of battle systems using puzzles and gameplay combining RPG elements is a series of features. This work is a stage called Ethia, which has been 500 years, from the 1st “Puzzle Quest-Agalia Knight-“. Heroes are convened to save the kingdom from new threats such as dragons.

In this work, the battle scene is renewed by 3D graphics, and the battle system also evolves. A new puzzle mechanism has been added, such as matching the eight direction gems with time difference and saving mana and magic to the enemy. It is said that the possibility of a new strategy is spread for each battle. The characters found in the above trailer are five hero classes that appear at the start of distribution. Players play a story while playing with the Paladin Berserker Sherman Necroman Assassin and defeat the enemy with a puzzle battle.

A deep RPG mechanism in series and a story element based on fantasy exists. Hundreds of kinds of weapons and armor have been prepared, and you can use the experience value and booty of the experience with the quest to grow your hero. You can also challenge Daily Quest and Weekly Bounty, and events will also be implemented. Besides this, it is possible to play cooperative with PVP battle and up to three friends who compete for rankings.

Developer Infinity Plus Two CEO and Creative Lead, Steve Fawkner, this work is a work that will be enjoyed by the old fans and the first work in the world of “Puzzle Quest”. He also prepares large surprises and roadmaps. This work is guided as planned to add new classes and game content sequentially after delivery.

In line with this delivery date announcement, a pre-registration campaign is currently implemented on the official site. Strong equipment such as gems and gold, dragon guard rings, such as wishlist registration in STeam and pre-registration of Google Play, newsletter registration, and “quest” by following “quest” by follow-up In-game rewards, such as, will be presented to all players at the time of delivery of this work. Please check the official site for details. It is also about to correspond to Japanese soon.

“Puzzle Quest 3 (Puzzle Quest 3)” is scheduled to be delivered on March 2, for basic play free for PC (STeam) and iOS / Android.

In STeam, this work is guided to launch as early access delivery. At the start of delivery, already abundant content and functions are implemented, and the three types of classes mentioned above were also completed. The period until the formal release is within one year, and while receiving feedback from the community during this time, it is a plan to deliver new functions and adjust gameplay, etc. by updating.