Sifu may be an essential game, but it is also a stitching enough to get you out of your boxes on more than one occasion. If you have stuck and you are looking for SIFU tricks to move forward and end the heads of it, surely these tips are very helpful.

A help for beginners in Sifu

Fight with patience

Maybe the first thing you want to do is let out blows as if there was no tomorrow, but sifu is a game that, especially at first, requires something tempering. Analyze the patterns of enemies -especially the bosses – and look for the right time to attack. The time to flip you will come, I promise you.

Learn to defend you

The defense in sifu is key, not only with the parry and the threshing back or forward, but also by keeping the lock button pressed and move the joystick up or down to dodge blows. The latter is essential to move forward, so take advantage of training mode to understand how it works. If hallucines with what you just did is that you are doing well.

Avoid surrounding you

You may make the most loose characters easy to delete on one against one, but if they manage to surround you, they can leave you dry in a matter of seconds and it will not give you time to avoid them all at once. Seek how to separate them even if it is maintaining a prudential distance ** or will end with you with a blow that you have not seen come.

Eliminates to get life

If you are invested with life, the eliminations ** are the best way to recover it. Ending any enemy will also give you a percentage of health, but it is eliminations that can improve this profit significantly. Moreover if you buy the right skills.

You can not always hesitate your opponents

Forget about the combos that served you to hesitate to the minions when you arrive at a boss. The difference in damage that you are going to cause is small with respect to normal blows, and those fighting require maximum concentration to be able to solve them. Focus on hitting and dodging, you’ll be able to piss later when you take the trick at all.

Play until you find shortcuts

It does not matter if you just lost 20 years of hit in your first game, go ahead until the character does not give more of itself. Maybe after the next fight unlocks a form of Open a new shortcut , so facing each fight as if it were the last of the game.

Beware of weapons

SIFU - Level One NO DEATH Gameplay - The Squats Full Level Speed Run
Eye at weapons . Not only because of the harmful that they can become, but also by the dependence of them that you can end up creating. Learn how to play without them to be even more demolished when you are lucky enough to find you with 1. You can go through the game without resorting to the weapons.

do not worry about closed doors

If you have found a closed door , do not obsess about giving a thousand turns at the same level, a point will come when you will find the way you open that door, but it will not necessarily be at that level. Continue playing new levels to see how what you do in some ends affecting the previous ones.

Tricks and tips for SIFU if you have been stuck

Rejunga Previous levels to improve your brands

If you arrive with 60 years and only one opportunity to the next level, the chances of overcoming it will be scarce. Do not be afraid to keep going to find out what you can find there despite being that age, but it resorts to rejuching above levels to try to improve the years and passive skills with which you leave each of them.

Create a custom build

Passive skills may seem useless at first, but do not take to result in the most useful. To earn more concentration for special attacks with each block, for example, has been vital to attack with sweep and blow on the floor to those enemies who did not let me approach with their attacks.

Focus on L1 skills

L1 skills as attacking from the ground or collecting objects that have thrown you end up being crucial in many fighting, so it points to them to unlock them permanently as soon as possible. If you have to accumulate experience at the first level to do so, do not hesitate to take advantage of that it is the easiest of all.

Forget about looking for cheese

There is no cheese in combats against enemies. Neither hiding behind a column nor giving jumping around to find the back of the opposite and attack,. The key is to block, dodge and know when to attack , and when you discover what strategy best suits each type of boss before you will see that you can overcome them without rubbing a hair. You can with them.

Dodge down for the bosses

The moment in which the combat clicked me was when I understood how useful it was to hold the lock button and press down ** in the joystick. Only with that can you dodge all the blows of the first final boss without touching, and it will be much more useful whenever you are with a minijefe or a boss who puts you against the ropes.

Take advantage of the blockage to raise the special

Improves the passive to increase the special based on block . It is the easiest defensive action of the game, and to be able to access pushes and automatic demolitions thanks to the special will be key to control large groups of enemies and stop the most devastating attacks of the final bosses.

Save the weapons

The weapons break, so maybe you want to take advantage of them for another time if all that are left in front of you are assemblies. Remember that You can release them without breaking if you keep the throwing button pressed. If you learn to take care of the weapons, they can be very helpful to overcome carefree shortcuts.

Beware of eliminations to certain enemies

The eliminations to enemies give you life, but all those who have a lifestyon of life sensibly longer than the rest will be able to dodge your attack and return more than life and even stronger. Learn how to understand what enemies that skill have and bass-based racks when they are stunned instead of making eliminations that motivate that change.

Without fear of remoing final bosses

Much of the years you lose away from escaping in the final bosses, so if you have the opportunity to significantly reduce the years with which you start the next level, take advantage of it. Keep in mind that not everything is the accumulated experience, so maybe what you lose when you overcome it using a shortcut is more useful than the skills you can buy losing years of life in the process.

We hope this SIFU guide with tricks and tips has been very helpful with the game, but if you have any questions or you need a cable with something, do not hesitate to write us in the comments or on twitter to ask ourselves.