It is only a day for the world premiere of SIFU , however, those who preordain their Deluxe edition already had the opportunity to play it since last Sunday, February 6. Well, that’s supposed to be the plan, since an unfortunate error at PlayStation Store prevented many users to stay unable to download the game.

It was supposed that yesterday, the owners of the Edition Deluxe would be able to download SIFU , but things went wrong. Via Twitter , the official account of the game reported that they were investigating the problem with PlayStation teams, and would be informing us as the situation progress.

The problem took little more than five hours to solve, so obviously, there were many people angry for this whole situation. At the time of writing, you should no longer have any problem downloading SIFU , but if you still have them, your developers recommend restoring your licenses directly from the configurations of your console.

Here at game we already had an opportunity to review SIFU , and you can see what we found this new title by clicking on the following link.

SIFU PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (FULL GAME)
Editor’s note: Barely took a couple of hours with the game, but I think we are really in front of a really special experience. I agree that perhaps its high level of difficulty could alienate certain characters to play it, but if you like Beat Em ‘Up, then you should definitely give it a try.