SF shooting RPG “Chorus” released on February 10 from KOCH Media. The compatible platform is PLAYSTATION 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox ONE. The STEAM version currently sold corresponds to Japanese from the same day. In this work, which is the stage of the vast universe, you can enjoy the search as well as the battle. You will be able to freely jump around the universe and take a high-speed battle at high speed, and you will be able to taste the sense of being integrated with the aircraft. In this paper, we will introduce such a “chorus”. It was a very immersive battle experience and a search experience that appeared in the universe. The contents of this paper were written based on the Play Experience in the PlayStation 5 version provided by Koch Media.

“Chorus” is a 3D shooting game set in space. The nara of the main character with supercapure and the intentional fighter Four Seikun combines power, and the story to face the dark cult group called “Circle” is drawn. In this work, there are two parts of the part which searches the map freely and part of the part such as battle, and there are two parts. In the search, travel freely to the universe, and in battle freely moves the 360-degree aircraft and hot dogfight will be unfolded.

Maps are separated by the area of ​​the game, but are open-world style styles that can move freely in the area. Each area is wide and plus, so because it is a stage, it felt more three-dimensional and freedom than landing on the land. Especially as a major feature, it is possible to ignore and jump around the upper and lower (high and lower difference in the land map). There is no ground. From the early stage of the game, there is a pleasure and an open feeling that can not be blocked by the mountain and the sea.

Main missions, submissions, items, etc. are arranged on the map, and other random events such as battle occur. Even though there should be a place to go, the person helps people. While looking around the item, while looking around every corner, we have acquired a steering tech that does not hit debris. In this way, in the large game of the map, the road is fun, but this work is mainly main mission. While the world of “Chorus” exists many small goals, it is designed to keep up with it now.

Combat for accurate controls

In the battle of this work, we will fight with a unique action that adds the hyperpuricity “light” of the main character Nara to the basic behavior of Four Seikun’s fighter. This supercapure is accented, and it is a sense of operation that can not be tasted unless this work. There are several types of super capabilities, for example, “drift transformer” that enables drift, and “light of hunt” warped behind the subject. It is possible for a variety of tactics to be enjoyed by adding me to the universe not only in space dogfights. Simply, “shooting the enemy” is not only a dynamic battle.

Combat is difficult at high speed. For example, it does not leak in the example of the flight combined game, and even if the turns and the left and right turn are made, it does not go in a way that is quite easily. While knowing the surrounding environment well, it will be manipulated while reading ahead. In particular, the combat of the main mission to proceed with the game is high difficult. While carefully controlling the aircraft, use the super capability to choose an attacking method that protects the enemy’s weakness. The weak point attribute of the enemy is a specific weapon or a super capability. In addition, as the game progresses, weapon type and hypertrophy are added, and the weakness of the enemy is also complicated. It is also difficult to here and interesting. The exhilarating feeling when hitting the fire is exceptional.

As an example of becoming a complication, first, after restricting the movement of the enemy with a certain super capability, there is an enemy that requires a flow, such as destroying the shield with a laser and defeating it with a gatling. Among these enemies, the type that has a habit of barriers to surrounding friends wants to defeat as soon as possible. Furthermore, if the above-mentioned enemies appear in the defense mission, “I want to defeat it first, but I can not go ahead, but I can not go away from the Defense Target…”. The dilemma dies the judgment and dies.

However, the battle of this work is not just high difficulty. Actually, as the player’s operation is good, the ability of the nara is also increased. The growth factor “Mastery” that is stronger as the total number of times of use of action is stronger, supports players. A 5 level level is set for each of various actions, such as “destroying with gatling” “avoidance” “drift”, and when the level goes up, the bonus is added to the value related to that action. Moreover, the number of actions used to raise the level does not reset the count even if you died. In other words, it is a system that is as strong as playing.

CHORUS - Open World Sci Fi Starship Mercenary Sim
A system that requires accurate control and a system that repeats the same operation and raising levels is compatible. Since the level goes up to some extent while practicing, it was not very conscious of playing in a good sense. Even if you benefit from the mastery level, there is an exquisite adjustment that can not make a mission unless you move carefully. Repeat, but this severity has given the motivation to challenge.

It is important to be able to do it first to look at difficult situations. To that end, it is necessary to avoid the enemy attack as much as possible. After all, accurate aircraft controls become important. Although the difficulty of the game can be reduced at any time, it is a difficulty level that can not proceed with easy pressing. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, a fine operation is required to survive. While continuing to challenge the control, it will be immersed in the “Chorus” world as a pilot of Four Seikun.

Customize your favorite adjustment

Nara fighter Four Seykun is capable of customization. Contents that can be adjusted with customization are “aircraft upgrade”, “weapons” and “modification”. When the aircraft upgrade is performed, the shield and HP of the aircraft increase. The weapon can set three types of weapons of Gatling and laser missiles. In remodeling, up to three slots can be equipped with a variety of effects. This customizability corresponds to the growth factor of the aircraft. By making love machines, they will be strong in the battle.

Of the customization items, the weapon and the remodeling module have a rare degree, and the rare item is labeled. If you have multiple simultaneous labels, a set bonus will occur. Labels can provide various effects, such as defensive, attacking, strengthening of specific weapons, and strengthening supercapacity. It seems that there is no randomness of the item acquisition method and performance, and basically the item obtained by the submission reward is strong. As long as I played, two labels were relatively close to two, and they did not struggle to experience the first stage of the set bonus. There is no worries of stress due to the bias of the item.

For example, the label of “Mamushi” is equipped with two weapons or modification slots, and “50% increase in damage when attacking the enemy is increased by 50%.” Set bonus is activated. When four aligned, “the cooling performance of the gatling gun is significantly improved, and a full-automatic shooting can be performed without overheating” set bonus. Although the basic performance is biased by his Bell, it is a set bonus anyway. Although it is difficult to judge on the parameters, it may be more likely to fight. It is a detailed change, but the point where the appearance of the love machine also changes by the equipment is also a point where attachment is given.

However, the machine upgrade is locked by the degree of progression of the game, and the weapon / modification module also has only possible items that meet the progression. Therefore, it can not be played so that the aircraft is strengthened and the strong enemy is easily defeated. It will be a customization that is aware of how difficult the difficult mission is cleared. If there is a customization policy for more comfortable operation, it is also conceivable to combine the players themselves to match the machine after customization. Either way, it is the key to capture to increase the sense of players and Four Seikun.

Higher difficulty but not tightening

If you are tired of the intense battle of the main mission, you will be good to explore the vast universe. Submissions with a lower degree of difficulty than main missions, and events that occur randomly while moving the map, can be used to manipulate the aircraft. The author’s favorite dispatching method is to fly at high speed. In the substanderial drive mode, it can be moved at faster than the boost. Just fly, but it’s fun, but it’s thrilling if you go through the narrow space between meteorites or fly with objects of the object, and start from the vertical vertical state.

Besides, it is also fun to fly along the rails connecting the main points in the map. Boost gates are installed on the rails, but if you are concerned about slow changing directions, boost can be run out. I love this rail. If you can see the sense of rail flight in the “Mario Cart” series, it feels a mushroom given every time you go through the gate. In fact, it does not decelerate between the gates, but the effects and sound effects of passing will be enliven. It is an outstanding play element that would like to pass through it as it is around.

In addition, this work is also focused on story production while the space comboad game. During search and movement, the idea of ​​Nara is emitted in a modest voice, or conversation with Forceencing and calls with a resstencing companion occur. Speech is in English and the voice of emotions on full voices will reach the ear. Such a, nearby information, Nara and Four Seikun’s past, etc. will see little by little due to the scales and conversations that are plugged into the gameplay. Information that brings deep in the story can be enjoyed in a sense that is steered while steering, as the player’s operation is incominated.

Also, as a breath of battle mission, it may be good to shoot screenshot at the beautiful location found during the search. The photo mode can be activated at any time as long as the pause screen opens. If you aim for the distortion of the moment that uses the super capability, or the effect of the boost, one SF seems to be taken. The author is a photographer, so the photo mode is pretty enjoyable. Recommendations should use the upper and lower black frames that are on and centrally located by default. One favorite piece is cool in the poster style.


While playing “Chorus” and pursuing the operation of the aircraft, it will be immersed in the world of the game. In the process of advancing the game, new elements are added to the operation, and the control will be further polished to get used to that element, and the sense of unity with the aircraft will increase.

In addition, the machine customization is limited by the degree of game progression. There is no technique to easily defeat the strong enemy, and it is possible to improve to clear. The difficulty of the game is kept high. This work is recommended for those who like games that can be felt to improve while being done many times. In addition, in the case of difficulty hardness or not sufficient, the end “Permades” function is also prepared if it is done once.

A sense of operation with a unique element of supercapure for hard-sided 3D shooting. And it is not only the battle, but also the search can also be enjoyed. It is the attraction of “Chorus” that can play to swim in a vast universe. “Chorus” released on February 10, PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series x | S / Xbox One. The PC (STeam) version on the released prior to the future corresponds to Japanese to the release of the console version. The price is 4380 yen for the STEAM version, and each console version (download version) is 4378 yen. In addition, package version is also developed for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4, and the price is 3980 yen.