• Release date : September 9, 2022
  • Publisher : Banzai NAMC
  • Developer : Banzai NAMC Entertainment, Banzai NAMC Studios
  • Series : Tales of
  • Platforms : PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One / Series
  • Type : Japanese Adventure Action Role Set
  • Note : game played on Xbox Series X and copy provided by the publisher

The franchise Tales of makes his return in Cross-Gen format with Tales of Arise. This is a Japanese role play developed and edited by Banzai NAMC. As almost all video games of the genre, expect a ton of clichés and listen to your characters talking with love and friendship for hours and hours… Fortunately, these Tales of Arise is filled with qualities.

The story


The player begins the adventure by incarnating a prisoner with Alp hen’s named iron mask. We learn very early that the planet where the adventure takes place is divided by two peoples. The people of Rena imposed their yoke to the people of Dana and use them to loot the resources of the planet. Very early in the adventure, Alp hen who belongs to the people of Dana frees himself from the hold of his torturers and team up with a young woman from Rena answering the name of Shine. Each of them has a strange ability. Alp hen does not feel pain and shine can not be approached. Like Alicia in the X-Men, Shine seems to be a victim of a curse and as soon as someone is approaching it, an electric current runs his body to slap the person who stands too close to her. The duo is pair and a common goal of bringing down the five Lord of Rena. Lords that control the different regions of Dana.