Blizzard revealed a new IP-based survival newly launched as a PC and console.


Blizzard released a new university survival newly developed through its official homepage on the 26th. As a new IP based title in six years since overwatch, the model is a pc and console. As a new IP, the existing Blizzard game is a completely different worldview.

Even in the two artworks released with the announcement, you can feel a different atmosphere that is different from the game that Blizzard is present. In the first image, a bicycle, including a bicycle, including a bicycle, a vast field with a pair of men and women wearing modern clothing. In the second image, another character wearing a wildlife’s bones and leather, and another character is staring at the mirror. It can be guessed by the cave and the person who moved to another place, and the mirror that is linked to the world.

However, it is as early as the development of the game title as not yet decided. In fact, Blizzard said that it is newly disclosed and recruited new developers in 11 areas, including art, game design and engineers. In addition, the recent major developed members appear to have a new project to lead a new project as much as possible.

New information related to Blizzard’s unpublished survival game will be released later.