The California District Court sent a decision to pay for damages to Benjamin Robert Simon of YouTuber, as the online game ROBLOX was conducted.

Ruben SIM known as the name of Ruben SIM repeats malicious acts such as harassing users in the game and trying to upload photos such as nude and specific persons, and posted to your own YouTube channel. He has also reported actions such as malicious remarks for development staff and developers in the forum. He was repeated while avoiding in various ways despite having been banned from the game many times.

In October 2021, the event ROBLOX Developers Conference 2021 suggests a threat by terrorist, and is temporarily for the noise to cancel the event. Roblox Corporation for developing and operating the game in November of the same year sued Simon.

In addition to the payment of $150,000 for Simon, SIMON, we ordered from the Development Studio and related dwellings to the surrounding 100 feet, and the prohibition of accessing the game.