Blizzard Entertainment is one of the biggest companies in the game industry, but 2021 has been for the least a difficult year. The fans of the company have been disappointed by their games, decisions and various allegations in the workplace have been put in the forefront. The executives of the company were under fire and reputation collapsed. However, with the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft Announced yesterday, many hope for a recovery of the company as a whole. Mike Ibarra, head of Blizzard Entertainment, has published a statement on the culture of the workplace and more.

Ibarra notes that 2021 was a difficult year for the company and that the goal is to rebuild the reputation and trust of the company. In order to improve the culture of the company, some measures have been taken. These steps included measuring the success of executives in relation to the improvement of culture. Both are now correlated with better compensation and more. In addition, new full-time positions and new resources have been deployed to improve the situation. Thus, teams have been formed with a leader culture and a diversity leader, equity and inclusion.


In addition, Blizzard Entertainment has made recruitment teams a priority. This means that they shared internally data, allowed upward feedback from employees and tripled the size of their compliance team.

Ibarra noted that these decisions were only the beginning and was motivated and enthusiastic about bringing serious changes to the company.

Finally, before thanking the community and the internal teams, the company manager said, We have exciting things to announce, and I’ll tell you more next week. In your opinion, what will be the upcoming news Given the recent major announcement?

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