The final Fantasia XIV the event Oratorio All Saints has finally made his comeback after more than 2 years. Despite being a Halloween-themed event this year will be held from January 20 to February 2 at 6:59 a. m. PST. Brings creepy, ghosts clowns and a series of new rewards for players to acquire them. This Guide All Saints Wake Event 2022, will guide you through each mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, and we will list everything that is at stake.

Mission of the awakening of all the clowns

All Clowns ‘Wake is the initial mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, located in Old Goiania in X: 10.4, Y: 8.5. Researcher talking to the Guild of Ventures, you’ll learn a mysterious figure dressed in strange clothes. The researcher asks you to find out more about the objectives of the clown and sends you to interview people of the village of Goiania.

There are 2 NPC in Goiania Old and New Goiania with whom you should talk to this mission. After talking with them and return with the investigator, you will be sent to meet with the guilty. The meeting point is close to the guild of furriers in X: 11.9, Y: 8.6. After the scene, talk to the investigator again (this time is just to the east) and then go to Central Shroud.

Here, you will interact with the target marker X: 23.2, Y: 23.4, before reaching the end of this mission talking to the researcher in Central Shroud.

A party to remember Mission

Researcher talks with the Guild of Ventures one more time to accept the next mission, a feast to remember. After a short scene, you must meet with Pope Gruff X: 22.8, Y: 22.7, it is below the walkway. This will unlock seasonal instance Feast of ghosts.

Instance of the feast of ghosts – FIX IV wake of all the saints

The Phantoms’ Feast is an instance of 4 men unrestricted class, work or level. Its design is based on the dungeon The Tam-Tara Deep croft and its variant Hard, only with a little more striking theme. You can run this with friends or be paired with others through the matching function in the game.

You not have access to your regular movements here. Instead, you use the diabolical flashlight and healing holy water. Lantern creates a conical area attack effect when used, instantly killing any Clown Wraith within it. It may contain 3 charges at a time and recharges relatively slowly. Meanwhile, holy water is used to save souls captive: there are 30 souls to save throughout the dungeon in total.

Progress through The Phantoms’ Feast is simple for the most part. You travel each room, killing Wraith and saving souls. The main challenges come in the form of three meetings, similar to the 3 heads enfrentar√≠as normally in a normal dungeon.

Little Gruff Boss Guide

Not fighting against any of the bosses directly and, instead, must complete a certain goal. For Little Gruff, this comes in the form of chests pumpkin. The chests are generated around the arena and awarded points if you stand on them. The orange boxes with a single star worth 1 point, while the silver chests worth 2.

The goal is to reach 100 points without dying from bombs that are falling on the sand. These explode after about 8-9 seconds in a medium-sized AOE, flashing before detonating.

Gruff Mama Boss Guide

To overcome Mama Gruff, you must eat the various dishes she produces, at the same time kill the Wraiths that are generated around the arena. The dishes come in 2 forms, standard dishes and exquisite dishes. The first is worth 2 points, the second 10 and the goal is to return to reach 100 points.

The standard dishes are quick to eat while delicious dishes take much longer. The dishes usually appear in groups of 4 with one exquisite dish, while the Wraith appear periodically. The best strategy is initially ignored the Wraiths and then kill them while a person is eating delicious dish.

Gruff Papa Boss Guide

Gruff Pope is the final opponent The Phantoms’ Feast. While still not fight with him directly, he fights more than the other family members.

Instead of accumulating points during this meeting, you must release 34 other souls, in addition to those found in advance. Many Clown Wraiths and Captive Souls appear over time, which are treated normally. Meanwhile, Pope Gruff be cloned himself and start launching large AOE around the arena.

It is given a decent amount of time to leave these, and if they hit it, it will be awarded the disadvantage out of the body. This leaves you in a ghostly way, separated from your body. To return to action, you will have to walk slowly back to your body (there is a strap that shows you what way to take if you lose).

After saving 34 souls, the dungeon is over. You receive 6 pumpkin cookies as a reward for completing it, and you can finish the mission, returning to x: 10.4, and: 8.5 and talking to the investigator of the adventurers’ guild.

Mission completed – Rewards of All Saints Wake 2022

Completing the mission gives you another pumpkin cookie, besides the modern cosmetics item – to make clowns. This article unlocks a new option of facial paint on the beautician, which reflects the makeup using Papa Gruff.

To get the rest of the rewards, you must exchange pumpkin cookies with the NPC Shady Smock in Old Goiania X: 10.3, and: 9.2. There are 12 cookies to unlock the complete clown assembly (composed of 5 pieces of equipment), plus 6 others for both housing items. Magic prisms (pumpkin) can also be purchased by a cookie if you have any spare.

Get additional cookies is as simple as Running The Phantoms’ Feast, although this is done by talking to the Harlequin guide at Old Goiania near Shady Smock.

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