Indie game publishing brand PLAY ISM is, 2D action the latest series maker of Bomb Service Foodora: Moonlit Farewell Delivery determined to announce at Steam, has released the store page.

This work, Hausa popularity as a hard core action of Metro id Cordova near Foodora the latest installment in the series. To the world stage after five years of Foodora III, was the hero of the High Priest Memo Retinol in the village of Soho, is that the story is Foodora III final chapter is drawn.

◆ The latest series Foodora: Moonlit Farewell distribution determined by the Steam!

■ Foodora: Moonlit Farewell and is

Foodora: Moonlit Farewell is the latest installment of Foodora series, it is the world stage after five years of Foodora III. Is a High Priest in the village of Soho Memo, in order to save the people from the monsters who have doing been invited to the sound of the bell, pardoned the mission of God, you get to travel.

■ Story

Soho ringing the sound of ominous bell in the village. The village, was exposed to the threat of attack of the monsters who were Izanagi the sound of the bell. Village chieftain is in order to the investigation of the bell, was Yaw the village is the most of the shaman Memo Retinol. She found the cause of the bell sound, village and more important than anything, we defend the sacred Run Trees.

■ game features of the

  • Beautiful pixel art and animation
  • Combo due to the proximity attack, attack avoidance, a game of action-packed, such as long-range attacks by arrow
  • Customize the play style freely available Vigil system
  • Violent, such as tugging the heart Bosubatoru
  • Steeped in rich tradition and solid atmosphere, deeply dug-down view of the world
  • Freely attractive is also possible to explore the world, is also possible to challenge the powerful enemy, it can be difficulty change to suit the play style

■ Developer Comments

Hello, everyone! It is train of Foodora series author. The team latest series: announced Foodora Moonlit Farewell. This work is the final chapter of Foodora III. In this story, we believe that gonna a prima facie conclusion on a number of past works of mystery and questions. Every one of the players I think that many people are familiar in the Karo the distant past to the stage. So I may not know the story of Foodora I – Foodora III, we produce the as much as possible enjoy Moonlit Farewell. In addition, this series has been to minimize the story in the action-oriented. So, please do not worry about the left behind ! Last but not least, this work leverages the know-how cultivated in 10 years, I want to deliver the best of the game. Please stay tuned.


  • Genre: Metro id Cordova near
  • will be supported language: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified)
  • planned distribution platform: Steam
  • scheduled for release: TBD
  • plans to sell Price: TBD
  • Steam store page: HTTPS: //

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