Nightingale is an interestingly promising RPG with network elements. Initially, some people were convinced that it would be RPG. The creators, however, explained that they want to provide Shared World Survival Crafting Sandbox Game, although referring to MMOs are not accidental. Originally, it was to be Nightingale!

In the course of creating the game, however, it turned out that the MMO style game is just a big project. His scale has exceeded improbable developers who decided to reduce the size of the game. All this so that the team can focus on multiplayer interactions between players. Over time, it also came that if the band had aspirations to create a great MMO, they eventually did not know about it.

They preferred to have fewer people on the server, but give them more opportunities to experience their own adventures and create the world. That is why, moreover, the team supports solutions in BioWare games, such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and even anthem! Nightingale will be production with optional network elements, where players have to feel the consequences of decisions.

Interestingly, Nightingale creators have friends in the team responsible for New World. Unless the latter title started as Survival to ultimately evolve MMO, so their project has passed the opposite road. I wonder who will eventually come out better.

Interested in the game, I invite you here.