Several days passed since there was a new update for Call of Duty: Vanguard , which introduces a new game mode in Zombies. The bad news is that unlocking it is not a task as easy as you thought, but the good is that here we will explain step by step how to do it.

It is a classic game mode based on rounds Shi No NUMA, and to unlock it you must follow a series of very specific steps. Which? We enlist them below.

— Go to Her An fang in Vanguard Zombies

— Complete all the objectives until you have access to the On List office, where you will find the vacuum portal

— Just activate it, and you’re ready, you’ll be in Shi No NUMA

In case you want to return to Stalingrad , you can do it as long as you finish three rounds first. Then the game will give you the option, so you can continue at Shi no NUMA or return.

What about the most important updates? Well, stay calm, since Activision promised that they are working on it to throw them as soon as they can.

Editor’s note: It certainly seems as if your developers had already been given up with Vanguard. The game has not received almost no content since its debut a few months ago, and the community is already beginning to despair. Sooner or later, Sledgehammer Games must do something about it.