The longer it happens, the more we tell ourselves that it will be difficult to escape from the NFT phenomenon. These non-fungible tokens that work with Blockchain technology are best known for their ability to trade and sell at very high prices. The Merge by the PAK artist (an image with a black background with white dots) for example, was sold for more than 90 million dollars. While entrepreneurs, with good or bad intentions, the vein has smelled, the world of ESPORTS has not remained indifferent.

Recently, Carmine Corp announced that he embarked on the adventure of NFT and even if the French community appreciated moderately the idea, Cameo was doubting these plans. However, ocelot, the G2 ESPORTS capo did not hesitate in any case: along with G2 ESPORTS will begin a Community project of NFTs called samuraiamynft . Obviously, he invited all the fans of his structure to join him, in particular, offering them a free NFT and a series of certain advantages.

A free NFT?

Most of the announcement is the acquisition of a free NTT of G2. Obviously, this surely will not be worth a lot, but with the NFT you never know what to expect and by a misunderstanding… This NFT will introduce you at Samurai offering you a samurai to personalize (weapon, helmet, armor, etc.). Beyond its value that should be almost zero, this allows you to have something that belongs to you 100%.

The NFT is free in principle, but the most ready will have understood the trick: To achieve it, you will have to create an account (or rather a wallet) on a NFTs website such as Phantom or Slope, so it will depend on We judge if it’s worth it and if you are not afraid to be dragged to a hellish spiral by opening the Pandora’s box. For our part, we must admit that there are other forms to support G2 ESPORTS.

G2 ESPORTS promises other advantages

G2 ESPORTS is very aware that many are reluctant to enter these NFTs. To split the most resistant, Ocelot offered other benefits related to Samurai . NFT Benefits (Special Offers) but also in Other products As can be treats, promotions or interactions with team players (events, meetings…). We recognize that it is finely played and mixing NFT and reality should convince more fanatics.

You have to take into account in any case that only there is 6262 NFTs samurai that can be unlocked free at this time, but we imagine that they will recover very quickly.