The Game with the subtitle Game… As long as you can is a participating card game of Steffen Vendor, which showed up in 2015 in the Nuremberg playing card publisher. The game was nominated for the game of 2015 as one of three games. In the very same year, it was also chosen at the à la carte card game price as well as won the second place to Mach Moro.

Trail Boss, a new mobile game of extreme sports, was launched on August 27 for iOS and Android. It comes from the creators of Pumped BMX and falls in a category of extreme sports sims for smartphones. However, at first glance, this new title seems advanced, and it is marketed by the publisher as a new generation of BMX games. They naturally have aroused some interest in amateurs.

Developed by Yeah US !, Trail Boss is an extreme bike game that really brings together the player and the biker. The first thing that distinguishes it from virtually every other game of the SIM card is the player’s point of view. This game offers a cinematographic view to the third person who places the player just behind the biker’s shoulder. This is how players see the game and also control it. The controls are intuitive and simple, as allows the touch screen, but they are immersive and alive, because the players sweep the screen to make wild waterfalls and delicate jumps.

This title proposes some 40 levels entirely made by hand in 3D, essential to play mechanics. It has 360 challenges in four types of magnificent environments. It also offers to the player a fully customizable bike. The unique flavor of this game, its vast content and dedication to extreme sports phenomena easily make it the largest bike game ever designed, at least for mobile phones.

This title is, like Yeah US! The call, the spiritual successor of their previous game Pumped BMX, but he certainly removed the genre from light-years. Yeah, we! Is an independent studio composed of Mr. Adam Hunt and several freelancers. Mr. Adam has been creating BMX games since 2011 and has several titles to his credit. The two Pumped BMX 2 and 3 models reach number 1 in more than 25 countries. Trail Boss Mobile is definitely a game to enjoy, whether you are a fan or not, and it’s a paid premium title.